Dysport for crows feet.

I and 53, got disport in crows feet, 3 injections each lateral eye, I am very bruised, a lot of purpura in the entire lower orbital region, and tear troughs? Gees, didn't even get injection these areas, will the blood pool under the eye after injections for crows feet?? Is that what I am experiencing...... I Have been getting botox for yrs, but not in the crows feet...new for this area? Any insite.....ugh....

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Bruising from Dysport

It is unusual to bruise with Dysport, but can be more common in patients who are taking anticoagulant medications such as aspirin, or who are prone to bleeding.  If the bruise is severe, it can collect in the infraorbital area.  Time will heal the bruise, and Arnica may help as well.

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Bruising after Dysport

The crow's feet area does not commonly bruise unless the injections are placed too deep into the surrounding vessels. Compared to other treatment areas, the likelihood of bruising is greatest in this area because the tissue around the eyes is so thin. An experienced injector should reliably avoid those tiny blood vessels, preventing bleeding around or below the eye. An arnica based bruising cream applied to the affected area may shorten the duration of bruising. 

Injection technique.

Thanks so much for this question. I suspect this has to do more with your injector/injector technique as opposed to whether it's Dysport vs Botox. You need to follow up with your injector and let them examine you so they understand and help you with your bruising. Best wishes, Dr. ALDO

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Bruising after Dysport to crow's feet

Bruising does not always occur with an injection of Dysport to crow's feet, but of all the areas that are treated, the eye area is the most likely to bruise because of the thin skin there.  When bruising does occur in the eye area, it normally will gradually move downward to underneath the eye and then gradually resolve.  

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Crows feet bruising

Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience.  It is result of nicking one or more blood vessels that run along the side of your eye.  While it is relatively uncommon it is more common than the other routine areas of Botox or Dysport administration.  It is unrelated to the product being used and there is little increased risk of it happening again when treated by an experienced injector.  Usually bruises related to these injections are relatively small but when they come from a larger blood vessel they may result in the large type of purple discoloration along the area under your eye.  Please be confident that it will resolve without any intervention but if it persists you should see your physician.  Thanks

Dr. Berdy

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Bruising from Dysport injections

This is obviously not a common outcome. There are vessels along the side of the eye that a skilled injector is able to avoid. The pooling of blood under the eye can occur with bruising around the eye. Excel V laser can improve the bruising if done within the first couple days. Arnica is also helpful in resolving a bruise. I'd go to a different provider for Botox/Dysport in the future. BTW, it has nothing to do with whether Botox or Dysport was used, it is all an injector related problem.

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