Will One Syringe of Restylane Plump Both Lips?

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One syringe of Restylane should be adequate for plumping upper and lower lips

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Typically, I use one full syringe of Restylane to plump both upper and lower lips. In some cases, if a patient wants very large lips, 2 syringes of Restylane is used.

Restylane and Plumper Lips

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Thank you for your question.  Depending on the amount of fullness you desire in your lips, 1cc of Restylane should be enough to plump the upper and lower lip.  Occasionally, a .5-cc syringe is all that is needed to create a natural, fuller lip.

When meeting with your physician, you may want to bring in some photographs and view his/her patient before and after photographs together, so that you may visualize together your goals for your lips.

Best wishes on your treatment.

David C. Mabrie, M.D., FACS

David C. Mabrie, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It depends on how plump you want it

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This really depends on your desires.

Typically, I recommend no more than one syringe the first time.

You will be able to judge the volume of the correction at the completion of the injection:

  • At this point, you will be slightly more swollen than your final result. If you complete one syringe and desire more, than by all means have more injected at that session while you are still numb.
  • If however you feel you are too large, relax, because it is slightly swollen and will likely reduce in size over the ensuing week.
  • If you do not like the look at all or the balance of the upper to lower lip, the volume can be adjusted or "undone" using hyaluronidase in an "off-label" indication.

Generally speaking, the lower lip is larger than the upper lip. However, many patients prefer a fuller upper lip. I therefore typically use 0.6 cc to the upper lip and 0.4cc to a lower lip using a 1.0cc syringe. I can easily adjust this to patient's desires or anatomy.

I hope this helps!

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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On syringe of Restylane will do for a moderate enhancement

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It all depends on how much improvement you need. One syringe is one cc, which is a very small amount. However, for a moderate enhancement, it could be sufficient.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Depends if you have thin or mid sized lips

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That is a very good question. This can vary from one person to another. If your lips are very thin, you might need more than one syringe. If your lips are mid sized or fuller you might even need less than one. The best thing to do is to get evaluated in person. In my experience usually patients need about one to two syringes to add more volume to the lips. 

Restylane for Lip Plumping

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I often inject just one syringe of Restylane to plump the lips with a natural looking result. If you want a larger look then it might take two syringes. I generally only inject one syringe and wait two weeks to assess since I don't like to every over-inject.  Please consult an expert in lip injections for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Depends on what you want

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One syringe can be sufficient to enhance your lips, but it really depends on how much you’d like to “plump”. If you want dramatic improvement, one may not be enough. I suggest you start with one, and if it’s not enough, then see your injector two weeks later or so for another syringe.

Your surgeon would be able to provide the best estimate...

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The management of facial contour irregularities varies from patient to patient and depends on the magnitude of the problem.In some cases, relatively small amounts of Restylane can be used to address multiple anatomic areas.In more severe cases, larger amounts of Restylane are necessary to adequately correct these problems.
It’s therefore important to carefully evaluate each patient and formulate an individualized treatment plan that addresses their anatomic findings and aesthetic goals.
In some cases, it may be possible to treat upper and lower lips, smile lines and chin lines with a single syringe of Restylane when the deformity is relatively mild.In other cases, multiple syringes may be necessary when deformities are more severe.
It’s important to discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon should be able to estimate how many syringes will be necessary to address your concerns.

Amount of Restylane for Lip Augmentation

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Depending on the amount of correction that you request, a 1.0 cc syringe of restylane should be sufficient. Consult with 2 - 3 experienced and expert injectors in your area to understand your options.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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There is not a rule. Depends on each patient.

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Thank you for your question. Depending on the amount of "definition and fullness" you want to achieve, 1cc of Restylane can be enough. Young people (<30) usually get great results with 1 dose of Restylane (1cc). But in >30 patients more than 1cc (av. 2cc) can be used. My advise is to schedule a first consultation with your plastic surgeon: he/she will guide you with the right decission. Not only the quantity is important (the volume) but the quality (hyaluronic acid gel filler type) is also very important. When we want to create a natural plumped lip with Restylane, I think that Restylane Lipp (Galderma-QMed / Medicis in USA) is the preferred option (only avalaible in Europe); in the Us, you can get your lips enhancement with Restylane-L.

Enrique Etxeberria, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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