36 years old with open bite. Would Invisalign fix this, would I need attachments, and how long would it take? (photo)

I am 36 years old and my teeth are quite straight (at least i think so), but i have an open bite The pictures show my bite completely closed. As far as I can tell, my teeth protrude more forward than they should be, as you can see in the profile. Would invisalign fix this and if so, what would the estimated time frame be? Would I need "attachments" ? Can invisalign actually pull my teeth back into position and if so would it change my profile? Would there be ongoing treatment?

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Invisalign works remarkably well on an anterior open bite.C

Having completed many open bite cases similar to yours with Invisalign, I can say with a good deal of certainty that this is an effective clear aligner therapy to correct this condition. It appears from the photos you submitted that your upper and lower dental arches are also narrow and Invisalign will also help with an expansion of the upper arch to correct possible crossbite that may also be present in the posterior (back) teeth. 

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Invisalign for open bites

Despite the pics being upside down, yes Invisalign can fix an open .

The front lower teeth can be tracked backwards to create space for the upper incisors to be pulled backward and also downward. They will also look longer as well.

In more extreme open bites I recommend extractions and more attachments

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Invisalign Can Fix Your Open Bite

Even though you posted your photos upside down, it does appear as if Invisalign would be able to pull back your teeth and close your open bite. It probably will need attachments, and will probably take about 1 year.

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 The answer is YES and the long term success rate of correcting open bites with Invisalign  is better than any other method.  Research has shown that the recurrence rate (the person’s open bite after correction going back to an open bite again) for the correction of open bites is greater with Traditional wire and bracket orthodontics or Orthognathic Surgery than with Invisalign.  To date the recurrence rate for Invisalign in the correction of Open Bites is very low.  Dental scientists do not know exactly why this is true.  Currently it is theorized that what keeps an open bite open is tongue thrusting/ tongue habit and Invisalign over the course of treatment causes a change in the position of the tongue during swallowing and breaks the habit of tongue thrusting because it uses aligners and retainers  that have a margin on the tongue side near the gumline that retrains your tongue.  There are many factors involved in how you might be treated and I would only use an Invisalign provider who has significant experience and feels confident in treating your situation.

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