How can I widen my very small mouth? I think you call it a V-shaped arch and only a few teeth show when I smile.

I am trying to get advice about what procedures can be done to widen my dental arch. Only a few teeth show when I smile, and I have to concentrate on speaking and sometimes have a lisp because my tongue does not have enough room in my mouth. I would like to hear all advice, but I am especially interested in the cost and timeframe as I am beginning medical school in about 6 months. Thank you ahead of time for your input.

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Widening narrow arch with v shaped palate. DNA Appliance probably your best choice

As an adult the best method to widen your jaw orthopedically is to utilize the DNA appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics.  The other option is Rapid Maxillary Expansion with a surgical assist.

You are far less prone to orthodontic relapse when you correct faulty orthopedics during treatment.

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How can I widen my very small mouth?

The DNA appliance is a great option. You might also consider a Homeoblock or Schwarz appliance. The key to successful treatment is ensuring that you have proper tongue position during and after treatment and that you are nose breathing vs. mouth breathing. 

You will need more than six months to complete your treatment. The arch development must be slow or you will not have stable results. These "arch developing" appliances typically require 12 months or more to complete arch development and then you will most likely need to straighten your teeth which typically requires another 12 months or so.

Good luck with your mouth and your education!

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Best option to expand my v-shaped arch...

I would definitely recommend a palatal expander such as the D N Appliance.  In my office, I have treated a myriad of cases using Invisalign, but I don't think that Invisalign would be best for you in this case.  I would love to see some upload pictures of your teeth, but just based on your history, I was lean toward a palatal expander followed by braces.  If you start now, you could be finished before your internship year.
Good luck with everything and congrats at getting into medical school.
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