Why Can I Buy Restylane at an Online Pharmacy if a Doctor Has to Inject It?

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You don't really know what you're getting

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Just because you can buy a medical product online doesn't mean you have any business injecting it. Keep in mind when you order from a third party online vendor, you really have no idea what product you are even getting. It could be an imitation product with different characteristics, or an entirely different substance altogether. Any reputable doctor buys Restylane directly (not through third party deals online), and the doctor's price for the product  is standard. If you are getting it at a cost lower than your doctor can get it for, you should be suspicious. Our office recieves many offers from third party vendors to supply "Restylane" (or other products) at discounted prices, but I am not willing to take that risk on my patients, and you shouldn't take that risk on yourself. Saving a few dollars can cause you permanent problems depending on what is in that syringe. There are very real complications that can arise from injections. I don't know of any doctors who inject products brought in by the patient, because that would make them responsible for all of the problems that could arise from the unknown product. It's just not worth it. Keep in mind when you walk into a doctors office for filler, you are not paying for a product. You are paying for a service, and the quality of the service and training of the injector will influence the cost. Don't cut corners when it comes to your safety and your face!

Bad Idea

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The reason this is a bad idea is that there may be counterfeits out there. Packaging can be very sophisticated and you might be duped. The product might be diluted. Besides which it would be illegal.

Also, it might be difficult for you to find a physician who would inject this for you. I am not saying you would not find one. Unfortunately, while I am proud that the vast majority of my fellow physicians are honest, you certainly could find a bad apple who, for the money, would perform the injection.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Restylane should only be injected by MDs

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Restylane is a popular in dermal filler. It's popularity comes from the dramatic results that are possible when used appropriately and the immediate onset of action. As you have noticed on this board however it is possible to have complications and unsatisfactory results with Restylane. These can be largely avoided by only working with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who has great deal of experience with this filler. In our practice, we see many patients who have received dermal fillers by unexperienced doctors or nurses and present with difficult problems.

Not reasonable to obtain Restylane yourself and have it injected

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While it's possible that the product you as a consumer could purchase online might be the real thing, there's also a good chance it is not.

Even if you are purchasing the real thing online, no physician or injector we know of would inject a product that they did not order themselves. There's just too much liability.

So, while we cannot say for sure why you are able to purchase the product online, we do not think it's a reasonable way to try to obtain Restylane. Purchasing a drug like this from overseas is against the law and on top of that, risky to your health if you used it.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Online Restylane a bad idea.

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It is not always clear what you are getting on-line. The packaging may look legit, but there are lots of counterfeit drugs out there. I do not know of any doctor who would inject something that a patient had obtained elsewhere.

Go to a reputable doctor, see the package, let him do the injection properly with legitimate product. It is your face, not the place to cut corners.

Purchasing product

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I believe that it is not legal in  the US to purchase filler products from a pharmacy. It can only be purchased by a physician from the manufacturer directly.

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