What Are These White Plastic Things Trying to Work Themselves out of my Skin?

I had a belt lipectomy and arm lift done about 6 weeks ago. Now I have what would appear to be these white plastic U shaped things trying to work itself out of my skin. My incisions are healed. These white U shaped pieces are just under the skins surface. I can see them and feel them, if I touch them. What are these white pieces called? Do they dissolve or do I need to have them removed?

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White Plastics Under Skin After A Lower Body Lift

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Dear PCR,

Your surgical team may have used a type of stapler that places a staple under the skin that is designed to dissolve over time.  To the patient, they often look like a white or pale colored U-shaped structure that sits under the skin's surface.  These will usually dissolve in a few months but in some patients, they can persist and if that occurs, your surgeon may have to remove them.  This is something that can usually be done in the office with just a little local anesthesia.  Please bring your concerns up to your plastic surgeon who can advise you on which course of treatment is right for you.  Hope this helps. 

White staples

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These are Insorb staples that your surgeon used in lieu of sutures. They are made of a material also used for dissolving sutures. Typically they may take 3-6 months to dissolve, but it they come through to the surface or if they are bothersome, your surgeon can remove them in the office.
Thanks, and best wishes.


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Absorbable Staples Used for Skin Closure?

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Based on your description, it is likely that you are seeing absorbable  staples that were used for dermal/skin closure. These do dissolve or can be removed by your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

White material extrusion

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Your surgeon may have used a stapling device and some of these staples are extruding through the skin?  The best person to direct your question is your plastic surgeon.  Best of luck.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Ask your doctor

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One assumes you have a surgeon who operated on you. Ask him/her, it is totally inappropriate to ask doctors who didn't operate on you.

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