When Can I Stop Wearing a Bra After Breast Reduction?

My reduction was on the 18th and as most women know who have had this surgery the most exciting part is being able to finally go bra-less. I was wondering how soon after the surgery is this possible.

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Bra After Breast Reduction

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I usually encourage my patients to wear a supporting bra 24/7 for 3 weeks or so following their breast reductions.  Although you can go braless for periods after that, beware that your breasts are still prone to sagging without support even though they now are smaller.

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Bra support after breast reduction

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I usually have my patients wear a soft, supportive bra that I provide postoperatively for the first 4 weeks mostly for comfort and support while they are resolving bruising and the majority of their swelling.  Patients even enjoy sleeping in them due to the feeling of a need for extra support.  After that first month, patients are free to go shopping for the types of bras of their choosing.  Bra use is up to the patient.  While the patient is certainly much smaller after reduction, many women still have quite a bit of volume and probably need support in most clothing and in exercise. 

Post op bra

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Every doctor has different post op instructions so you should ask your surgeon what would work for you.
The dressings vary from patient to patient. Some patients may be placed in a sports bra; others will wear a stabilizing elastic support strap. Your doctor will decide after surgery and in subsequent weeks, which dressing will suit your needs and how long you would need to wear them. 

Not Wearing Bra after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Thank you for your question.

I would ask that you speak with your surgeon and follow his/her advice regarding not wearing a bra after breast reduction surgery.  You want to make sure that you heal properly and having less support too soon after surgery may affect the laxity of the breasts.

Best Wishes.

Going bra-less after breast reduction

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I would not recommend tossing the bra for at least two months after surgery. In terms of laxity, this all depends on your skin tone, the size to which you have been reduced, etc. You may be able to go without a bra in certain circumstances but should wear one while exercising, etc. for support.

Bra and breast reduction

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I do not think going bra less is best because a bra provides support and may help diminish early laxity.  Speak with your surgeon.

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