Congenital Symmastia Repair?

I have noticed that my cleavage doesn't lay flat ever since I started developing breasts. As I got older the more it bothered me and now I can't take it anymore. I'm so self conscious about my chest, I can't wear low cut tips or bikinis and feel confident. I like the size of my breasts (34DD) but I just hate me cleavage. Is this possible to repair? How much would it cost?

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Congenital Symmastia Repair

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Thank you for the question.  There is a good solution for congenital symmastia.  I use a small incision in the breast fold to repair and separate the breasts to allow a normal amount of cleavage.  Other plastic surgeons advocate implants and /or liposuction but I have found the suturing the tissue works the best in my hands.  The link below shows before and after photos of a patient that underwent congenital symmastia repair by this method.

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Congenital Symmastia Repair?

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I have had the opportunity to help several patients with this condition; I often combine liposuction surgery of the pre sternal area with breast augmentation surgery. A second stage operation (capsulorraphy) may be helpful in improving the “definition” of the medial breast border (cleavage) if necessary. You may find the attached link, dedicate to symmastia surgery concerns, helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

Can I have a symmastia repair?

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There are several techniques to help this prominence of tissue between the breasts.  A picture would really help propt some options.  There are issues with prominent fat deposits over the breast bone that can be addressed with liopsuction.  You already have large breast so a procedure that narrows and lifts the breast can change the cleave area.

Breast Enhancement

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Hi there-

Without examining you and discussing your goals for the desired change in your appearance, it would be very difficult (and possibly irresponsible) for me to make recommendations to you about your options.

Your best bet would be to visit a few excellent, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons for a review of your goals and an examination.

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