Stitches Too Tight After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op and one of my breasts looks like it has 2 halves. The stitches from the nipple down look too tight and causes a crease in my breast. It looked fine right after surgery but about 10 days ago I noticed it didn't look right. Doctor says they look tight and to massage with lotion 5 minutes a day 2x a day but I'm very concerned that will not help. Is this something that will correct itself or something I will have to fix later?

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Lower pole tightness after breast reduction.

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Lower pole tightness usually improves 3 to 4 months after surgery.  The dissolving stitches will disappear and your scar will mature and strech over time.  Keep massaging your scar every day, you will feel it soften with time.  Good luck!

Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Tightness after breast reduction?

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The incision is healing,however you may be experiencing swelling that makes it look too tight.  Follwo closely with your doctor, but more than likely as the swelling goes down this shoudl get better. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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No worries

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This will be OK!

There are subcutaneous stitches in the midline that need to resolve, when that happens this will loosen up. It looks like you have loose skin, so when the first swelling is gone and everything is less tight you can get this effect.

It might take a while, up to 3-4 months, to go away.



Ivar van Heijningen, MD
Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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Stitches Too Tight After Breast Reduction? (photo)

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Do not be too concerned with your appearance at four weeks postop.

You have dissolving stitches which may take up to several months to disappear,

Also the new scar tissue is tight - this will relax over the next number of months.

Typically the lower pole relaxes and rounds off without any special measures.

Keep in touch with your plastic surgeon.

All the best.

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