When is Core Buildup Necessary when Having Dental Crowns?

In your opinion, who qualifies to have 'core buildup' when having dental crowns on the top front teeth? What is involved in the procedure of having 'core buildup'? How exactly is 'core buildup' carried out? When is it necessary to do 'core buildup' or 'include any pins'? How does a patient know if 'core buildup' procedure has been carried out? Thank you in advance for replying. All your help and info and honest feedback is very much appreciated.

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Core buildups

This must be assessed on a case by case basis.  It's all about having enough structural integrity and a smooth path of insertion for the crown.  At times a post may be used as part of the core buildup, if the tooth has had a root canal.  The hollowed out root canaled tooth can be more prone to fracture.  As one of the other docs here stated, the essential piece of this question is, you must trust that your dentist is making these decisions in YOUR best interest.  If you do not have that trust, you may not be with the right dentist.  Trust is the key to any relationship, but especially one with a health care provider.  If you don't trust your dentist, find another one by asking friends you trust if they are extremely impressed with their dentist.  If you find someone who is really passionate in recommending their dentist, perhaps you should try them.  But don't allow this investigation to slow down your treatment too much, as dentistry can get more complex and expensive quickly when neglected.  Best wishes!

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When is a core build up necessary?

When the height and width of the tooth along with strength of the remaining tooth which will receive the crown is inadequate. You should have enough sound tooth some when the crown is cement on the prep their is enough retention. Good Luck



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Core Build=Ups for Crowns

When there is insufficient solid tooth structure to design a properly contoured and correct thickness crown, then a core buildup is necessary. You should have a trusting relationship with your dentist, to believe him when he says he is doing something. You could always ask him to take an X-ray and point out to you on the X-ray the core build-up BEFORE he places the crown.

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To NLightener regarding Core Buildups, Necessary or Not?

To answer your questions...you qualify for this procedure, if a lot of your tooth structure has been destroyed by decay or the tooth is very weak and the tooth is so compromised that the crown will not last.  The tooth structure is filled with some form of composite, like Photo Core.  It is necessary to use pins or posts to strengthen the tooth with a build up especially after a root canal when it seems week and unstable. The patient should always know ahead of time what the procedure and why it is needed and what would happen if you did not have this particular procedure.  You would not want the crown to fail. Make sure your dentist answers all of your questions up front. Your are paying for them...not him!

Need core build up when missing significant tooth portion

Core build up is usually needed after root canal treatment due to missing tooth structure after treatment. Core build up looks like white filling replacing the temporary filling placed after root canal treatment or decay excavation. It helps to strengthen the tooth. We usually do core build up and crown preparation together to save time and appointment for patient. Core build up is same as doing filling but if done with crown then it will be part of crown procedure.

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Core buildups for dental crowns

Core, or more often called post, buildups are done on teeth that have had a previous root canal treatment. A post is bonded down in the canal to strengthen a tooth that is hollow from the root canal and generally is broken down in the first place necessitating the root canal treatment. Then a buildup or core is placed around the post so that a crown can be made on the tooth. You can not see the buildup since it is under the crown. Your dentist will inform you if you need a core buildup after evaluating the tooth and how much tooth structure is remaining. Hope that helps. 

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Depends on the case

Core buildup is necessary when there are a lot of voids in the tooth or less than 60% of the actual tooth remains. It is not necessary to do it with every crown and it is done on a case by case basis. The only way to know if you have had it done is to look at the tooth before the crown is cemented and have the dentist point out the core buildup to you. Hope this helps,.

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