When You Get a Chipped Tooth How Long is It Supposed Stay on For?

I got a chipped tooth fixed by my othrodontist about 8 and half months ago it was just the corner of my front tooth and today when I was flossing the chipped part just came off.

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Bonding coming off in a short time

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Bonding is not intended to be a long term solution.  It can last from one to fifteen years, but rarely longer.  A better long term solution is to use a custom made piece of porcelain instead of the acrylic bonding.  The porcelain will last indefinitely and will not wear, chip or discolor.  This is called a porcelain veneer, and if it does not cover the entire front of the tooth, it is called a partial porcelain veneer.

Chicago Dentist

Bonding to fix a chipped tooth

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Sometimes those small fillings are hard to keep in place because of the location. You need to avoid eating food with your front teeth because every time it gets fixed it will come out with the force you are putting by biting into food (apples,carrots,sandwiches, etc) If your orthodontist took care of this for you, you may want to consider a cosmetic dentist. They have all the equipments and materials required to make a beautiful and long lasting filling.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Chipped tooth repaired how long should it last

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You stated that you had it done by an orthodontist.  While orthodontists are great at straightening teeth most do not have the materials or technique to do bonding.  Depending on where the chip is, it could be unpredictable.  I would see a general dentist to have it repaired once again.

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How Long Does a Chipped Tooth Bonding Repair Last

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I suggest you see a qualified cosmetic general dentist to redo the bonding. Orthodontists, while they know how to do bonding, generally do NOT keep up with the latest and greatest materials and techniques available. They usually only do quick repairs, not being too concerned with the longevity nor the cosmetic looks. A good bonding done by an experienced qualified cosmetic dentist could;d last 5-10 years or longer.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Chipped teeth and bonding

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Bonding is unpredictable.  depending on where it is.  Sometimes these fixes last for many years, sometimes only a few days and the rest really range in the middle.  I would recommend you go see a cosmetic dentist at your earliest convenience.  They should be up on the latest techniques and your best options

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