Can a Tooth That is Set Back from the Row Be Corrected with Bonding? (photo)

I had braces as a kid to correct one set-back tooth on my upper front row. As a 31-year-old adult, it has now reverted back and sits slightly behind each tooth on either side of it. Can I correct this problem with bonding?

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Bonding Plastic or a Veneer Can Work!

Your bite is the most important key to your solution. If you are not in cross bite (bottom tooth covers the top tooth) then you can do "bonding". Otherwise, do Invisalign or braces!

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Correcting alignment with bonding.

Most likely the tooth can be corrected with bonding, or a porcelain veneer.


The way that the lower teeth contact the one you want to fix might present some difficulty, but that cant be determined with the photograph.


You could also fix the mis-slignment of the tooth with Invisalign rather easily.


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Bonding for a misaligned tooth

The problem that you have can easily be corrected with bonding.  You also have the option of moving your teeth orthodontically to correct the issue.  The tooth may appear thick so you can have it done and then make a decision



Leonard Tau, DMD
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Bonding for a misaligned tooth

This problem can easily be corrected with bonding. That will help you to eliminate possible orthodontic involvement. If the tooth will look unnaturally thick it can be easily corrected with Invisalign.

Correcting a set back tooth with bonding

The answer to your question is yes, you can correct this problem with bonding provided that when you have your teeth together, this tooth does not sit behind your bottom tooth.  If it does, you will likely need some minor orthodontic treatment such as invisalign to correct the problem.

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Bonding question

Yes you can correct it with bonding as a quick/inexpensive fix, but the tooth will be quite thick and hard to keep clean.  Better option is invisalign.

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