When Are Amusement Park Rides OK After Breast Lift?

I had my breast implants removed with a lift on July 19th. I planned a trip to Disney World/Universal for Septemeber 14th, not thinking about if it would be an issue. Will I be OK to go on rides at that point? Will I be OK to swim in the pools? What if I am spitting sutures (or is that still a possibility at that point)? It will be at the 8 week mark.

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When Are Amusement Park Rides OK After Breast Lift?

Your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to specific instructions in regards to returning to activities. Generally speaking, best  to limit strenuous activity for at least 2 weeks after breast   augmentation surgery, assuming you are doing well and there have been no complications.  Care should be taken during the first one to two weeks after surgery not to allow for elevation of heart rate, blood pressure, and/or direct trauma/contact to the chest wall. Again, address your specific questions/concerns to your plastic surgeon, who knows your situation best, and is ultimately responsible for your care. Best wishes.

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Clearance after Breast Lift surgery

You will be almost 2 months postop for your planned trip.   As long as you are healing without complication, it should be fine to travel and enjoy the rides and swim.   I would recommend that you get confirmation from you plastic surgeon and ensure that you have no restrictions.

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Recovery after breast lift

I generally clear my patients to resume activity as tolerated gradually approximately 4 weeks after breast lift surgery.  You will be 8 weeks, so I'm sure you'll be fine to enjoy your trip.  But, please check with your PS about his/her recommendations.   

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Vacation After Breast Lift

At nearly two months after your breast lift, you should be perfectly fine to go on vacation. All incisions should be healed at that point. Even if there is a small area of suture extrusion which I doubt at eight weeks after surgery), you will be fine to get in the water.

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When Are Amusement Park Rides OK After Breast Lift?

By two months, you should be back to full activity levels. If you are concerned about spitting sutures, discuss with your surgeon the timing for a pre-trip post-op visit to remove any that might be present with enough time to let them heal.(?10-14 days before leaving).

Have a great trip. Thanks for the question. 



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