What Should I Ask my Doctor About Thermage?

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What I Need to Ask My Doctor Before Thermage

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The most important thing is for the doctor to review your medical history, evaulate your skin looseness and see if you would be a good responder to Thermage.  You also want to ask if the doctor is using the appropriate Thermage tip for your area since there are different tips with different pulse counts for treatment areas.  Also, Solta, the makers of Thermage did an optional upgrade to the Thermage which is called CPT which makes the procedure much more comfortable.  You want to ask if you will be receiving that treatment.  If you tend to be anxious, you may want to ask the physician if you are a canidate for a medication like Xanax before the procedure as long as you have a designated driver.

Newport Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thermage Experience

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Ask your doctor how long they have been doing Thermage and what their personal experience has been in regards to results.  Look at lots of before's and after's, find pictures that look like you. Honestly discuss expectations.  Since this is a moderate improvement procedure rather than a dramatic improvement procedure make sure that you and your doctor are realistic.  You can then be assured that you will be very happy with your result!

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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What you should ask your doctor before you get Thermage

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Thermage is a treatment for skin tightening that works by tightening the collagen in the skin. It is important to discuss with your doctor whether it is appropriate for you, and what outcome you can expect. Because it tightens collagen, the more collagen you have the better results you will get. Increasing age, sun damage, and smoking are factors that decrease collagen and will therefore decrease how significant your results will be. It is very important to discuss your expectations and to fully understand what results you will see. As with any treatment, you should ask what the treatment will feel like, what you will look like afterwards, and what the aftercare will be.

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

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Thermage Tips

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You should ask your doctor whether Thermage treatment is appropriate for you, what your realistic expectations should be and to compare Thermage to other skin-tightening devices currently available on the market. These include Accent, Titan and Ulthera.

David Goldberg, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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If he or she uses the largest available headpiece.

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The results of Thermage are dependent on DELIVERING ENOUGH ENERGY TO THE SKIN.  But larger heads (more energy) are more expensive and some providers cut corners.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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