What Are Potential Risks for Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Generally low risk

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Hi there- I agree that the risks of a Brazilian Butt Lift are generally those of liposuction (because liposuction is 1/2 of the operation), with the additional risks of fat necrosis (formation of lumps in the buttocks). All in all, however, the procedure should carry a very favorable risk to benefit ratio when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Make sure you find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and he/she has experience performing the procedure you are interested in, as well as any procedures that may be necessary if results aren't excellent.

Complications of the Brazilian butt lift

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 The complications of the Brazilian butt lift include:

1) fat embolism, injection of fat into the bloodstream and causes inflammation the lungs

2) pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, this is a complication associated with all types of surgery and any immobilization  ( Serena Williams had this after plane flight)

3) infection, when the fat injection the buttocks in the best case scenario 70% of the fat lives and 30% dies. 30% of the fat is a good source of food for bacteria.

4) fluid shifts and lidocaine toxicity, complications of liposuction

5) complications of anesthesia

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Few side effects - BBL

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Fat grafting to the buttock area is a relatively new procedure; the following are the most important adverse effects:

1-Asymmetry: Injection of fat must be done carefully and in a symmetric way (same volume on both sides)

2-Overcorrection, undercorrection: It is always safe to aim for a slight over correction in order to achieve a good result once the swelling is gone.

3-Hardening of the injected fat.

4-Adverse effects of liposuction.

5-General adverse effects e.g. infection, scar hypertrophy etc

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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Brazilian Buttocks Lift risks

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All surgeries have risks. Fortunately complications from this surgery when done by an experienced Plastic Surgeon are rare. I have been performing this surgery for over 12 years now and have only had one patient have a significant complication, and that was an infection which didn't occur until after she was involved in a car accident.

The one thing that I do see in about 5-10% of patients is a small seroma, which is a collection of fluid under the skin. This is a relatively common occurrence with liposuction and either goes away on its' own or may need to be aspirated with a tiny needle in the office, which is relatively painless.

I have never seen it associated with the buttocks augmentation part of the procedure. Of course there are always medical risks associated with any kind of surgery, bleeding, infection, blood clots, allergic reactions.... Fortunately they are also rare. We take many precautions to try to prevent them


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The biggest risks for this procedure are lumps and asymmetry. Just make sure that you go to a qualified surgeon with experience. Good luck.

Brazilian Butt Lift Risks

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Every surgery has its own related risks and complications. A Brazilian Butt Lift, which is essentially what you are asking about, is related to the following (although the risk of occurrence is rare):

Fluid Accumulation/Seroma
Skin Necrosis
Poor Wound Healing
Wound Dehiscence
Suture Granuloma
Skin Sensation
Skin Irregularities
Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Complications
Unfavourable Scarring
Suboptimal Results

Risks of Brazilian Buttlift

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    Although there is a laundry list for all of the possible outcomes, fluid collection and fat dissolution are the two most common occurrences.  Over the many hundred I have done, I have not seen an infection.  I have not seen bleeding or hematoma.  I have not seen any extensive fat necrosis.  I certainly have not seen DVT or PE, puncture of organs, or fat emboli.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Brazilian buttlift Los Angeles, CA

Complications and Risks of Brazilian Butt Lift

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The risks and complications associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift are similar to those of liposuction.  However, in addition to liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift has the added step of transferring fat cells to the buttocks in order to shape and contour the gluteal region.

Minor Risks and Complications Include:

1.  Asymmetry or contour deformities of the areas where liposuction was performed

2.  Asymmetry or contour deformities of the buttocks following fat transfer

3.  Death of fat cells transferred to the buttocks (in general, about 70% of transferred fat will survive)

4.  Temporary fluid collections (i.e. seromas) under the skin

5.  Bleeding

6.  Superficial infection (that can be treated with oral antibiotics) 

7.  Need for revision surgery


Major Risks and Complications Include:

1.  Blood clot in the leg (prevented with intraoperative compression devices, postoperative compression    garments, and early ambulation)

2.  Blood clot in the lung (prevented as for blood clots in the leg; less than 1% risk)


Fortunately, the major risks and complications of a Brazilian Butt Lift are rare.  All risks and complications of a Brazilian Butt Lift can be minimized by selecting an experienced plastic surgeon that is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Jaime Perez, M.D.

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Potential Risks for Brazilian Butt Lift

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A good consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon should go over the risks of any procedure. The risks associated with Brazilian Butt lift include: skin wrinkling and irregularities secondary to liposuction, fat reabsorption, infection, hematoma (bleeding), fluid pockets (seromas), and poor scarring from liposuction sites. The most common issue is dissatisfaction with overall volume of the buttocks. Again these common complications should be discussed with your plastic surgeon pre-operatively.

Potential Risks of a Brazilian Butt Lift

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These procedures are fortunately very safe.  But as you know, everything in medicine and surgery has some risks.  The risks are very similar to any liposuction procedure:  fluid collection (seroma)/bleeding, infection, contour irregularlities, pain/numbess, and need for revision surgery. In addition, I would add fat necrosis (hardening of small pocket of fat), fat cysts, and failure to achieve the desired volume (due to resorption of the fat injected).   Additional fat micrografting treatments may be needed.

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