What Laser Companies Won't Survive the Recession?

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Laser company survival

This is a very tough question to answer without seeing the balance sheet. Look at the banks . You would think the "big boys" like Citibank were safe or Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Merrill Lynch. The fact of the matter is that no laser company is completely safe.

If they are significantly leveraged and they can't renegotiate their loans, they will go under...just like the banks.

Remember, I am sure sales are down in the laser business so they are probably all operating on fumes. You may get a great deal!

Go with one of the bigger ones that you mentioned.

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Palomar medical laser company will survive the recession

Daer Doc-in bay,

You are very smart to be thinking about this issue. It would be terrible to buy a new laser and have no company for service in a year or so.

I will not say which compnaies have already or are likely to fail in the current environment-however several are in very bad shape-fewer sales, less cash flow, and less money in the bank.

I can tell you however, that according to the information available now, palomar medical seems to be very well positioned to continue to innovate and lead in the cosmetic laser field.

They have the largest number of strong patents which they vigorously defend. They have, in my opinion, the best R&D team in the laser field and continue to lead innovations in cosmetic laser technology.

They have a very strong cash position, money for new R&D, and contracts for new laser production with several large international corporations.

I feel very secure using their equipment. This however is my own personal opinion.

When you investigate a laser purchase ask for documentation of the companies cash position, sales figures for the last year, and recent layofffs and cutbacks, and future contracted sales.

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