Best Post-op Skincare Products for Maintaining Laser Resurfacing Results?

There are so many skincare products available, and it's hard to know what to chose. I'm looking to maintain the great results from my Fractional ablative CO2 resurfacing, and was given a list of product suggestions from my MD. I wanted to know if other doctors have recommendations for products that they feel are effective and necessary for their patients. The products I'm using right now are Jan Marini C-esta (and I'm not that impressed), Jan Marini Transformation Cream, and JM Bioclear. I also have Triluma, and Green Cream (Retinol cream which I love). Daily, I use Skinceuticals SPF 30 sunscreen, Neutrogena dry sunblock spf 70, Shiseido 55 SPF, and Jan Marini Antioxidant SPF 30. I tend to rotate sunscreens. Brand names are more helpful than just listing important ingredients. Thanks!

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Post Laser resurfacing regimen for moisturization and sun protection

Laser resurfacing is one of the most sought after procedures in a busy aesthetic laser practice and certain elements in post laser care of the skin are fundamental in achieving optimal results. This includes proper hydration and deep moisturization with Opti-Ceramide creams as well as adequate UV protection to prevent sun damage to the sensitized skin. I recommend the Hydrate + Protect Mini Kit for all of my patienst who have had laser resurfacing. See link below for more information. 

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The Obagi skin care products are the most effective I have used to maintain laser resurfacing results

There are many many good skin care products out there. However, remember, only retin A a prescription product, has been approved by the FDA for reducing sun damage and aging effects on the skin.

My belief is that if a post laser resurfacing skin care regimen does not contain retin A, it is substandard.

The Obagi skin care products are prescription grade and contain retin A (Vitamin C if you can't tolerate Retin A), bleaching agents, moisturizers and excellent sun block.

They are expensive but they work.

Post laser treatment skin care products

We have been gettting good results with Clinique Medical. Clinique now offers a medical grade of their products specifically designed for after laser treatment. You should discuss this with your physician.

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