Lipodissolve Vs. Mesotherapy - What's the Difference?

can a doctor pls tell me whats involved with mesotherapie and lip disolve. how are they different from each other and which will get rid of my belly fat and extra weight?

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Are mesotherapy and Lipodissolve the same thing? The...

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Are mesotherapy and Lipodissolve the same thing?

The question of the difference between LipoDissolve and mesotherapy is one that is hotly debated.

  • Mesotherapy is a general term for the injection of materials into the middle layer of skin for therapeutic results. It is a very general term, and it is used for many things including the treatment of unwanted fat, cellulite, hair loss, keloid scars, joint pain, and skin rejuvenation, plus many others.
  • In my opinion, LipoDissolve is a type of mesotherapy. Using an analogy, if you look in a parking lot, you see automobiles, and a Jaguar is a type of automobile seen in the parking lot. I will note that many LipoDissolve purists consider LipoDissolve completely separate from mesotherapy, but if you look at the techniques, formulas, and volumes used currently by well-known practitioners of mesotherapy and LipoDissolve, they are very similar.

Once again, I look at LipoDissolve as a unique standalone treatment for the dissolution of unwanted fat; however, it is very similar to certain procedures that people are doing in mesotherapy. Even though I consider LipoDissolve a type of mesotherapy, I would specifically caution anyone who wants to have unwanted fat treated to go to someone who is trained in classical LipoDissolve Ultra. I think this is the big difference. When you want LipoDissolve, go to someone who calls himself or herself an expert in LipoDissolve therapy, most notably LipoDissolve Ultra.

Minneapolis Dermatologic Surgeon

Difference between lipodissolve and mesotherapy

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I can definitely help you with this. In 1952, Dr Michel Pistor developed a new branch of medicine in France. He began injecting small amounts of pharmaceutical compounds into the skin or subcutaneous tissue in order to treat a multitude of illnesses. He treated everything from hair loss to high blood pressure, gastric disturbances to sports injuries with this approach. Initially, he called his treatments "mesotherapie". The use of localized injections for fat reduction was invented by a Brazilian, Dr. Patricia Rittes, who read the Russian literature and found a reference for using Lipostabil for treating liver failure and fat emboli. She decided to treat a patient's lower eyelids with the same compound. She invented injection lipolysis, a totally different procedure than mesotherapy.
Mesotherapists treat many conditions with a "cocktail" of pharmaceuticals, many never intended for injection into the skin or subcutaneous fat. With injection lipolysis, a very specific compound, either a Lipostabil type drug (containing both sodium deoxycholate and phosphatidylcholine) or plain deoxycholate is injected directed into the target, subcutaneous fat.

Diane I. Duncan, MD, FACS
Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon
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