What's the Secret to Great Lipodissolve Results?

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There is something that our clinic was the first in the...

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We use LipoDissolve Ultra. We use ultrasound massage both before and after LipoDissolve treatments.

I believe this serves two purposes:

1. When you use the ultrasound massage to the areas before LipoDissolve treatment, I think it loosens up the tissue and makes the tissue to be treated more receptive. This is a neat trick that I have learned from many physicians that perform liposuction. But, we carry it one step further and also use it afterwards.

2. I think when use you ultrasound massage after LipoDissolve treatments it does three things:

  1. Most importantly, it makes sure that the medication gets distributed in a smooth, even manner. Of course, the goal of any treatment is overall reduction, and you want this to be smooth and even. You certainly don't want a lumpy-bumpy response.
  2. Secondly, it reduces post treatment swelling, which at times can be considerable.
  3. Last but not least, patients say that the areas after treatment are much more comfortable. I have the benefit of having several patients who had traditional LipoDissolve treatments before we treated them with LipoDissolve Ultra on, and to a person they all said it was a vast improvement. In fact, I tell patients if you are not receiving LipoDissolve Ultra treatments, you are receiving an inferior form of LipoDissolve treatment.

Generally speaking, for additional aftercare, we recommend cool compresses and ice packs for the first one to two days. I tell patients to take it easy the day afterwards, and if they are on a rigorous schedule to suspend it for a day. Most patients will return to an almost normal schedule the second day after treatment, although they may still be a bit tender.

I have had some patients who after the treatment have absolutely no discomfort at all, and I have had others who have been in considerable discomfort and pain for one to two weeks afterwards. These are both exceptions to the rule, and most patients are a bit tender and swollen for one to four days after the treatment. Once again, we make sure that there are no signs of infection, fever, or chills.

Minneapolis Dermatologic Surgeon

How do you get the best Lipodissolve results?

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After the failure of several Lipodissolve companies in 2007-2008, the procedure fell out of favor in the US.
Why is that, when many patients had success with these injections?
Patients who were treated by inadequately trained people- often not physicians--sometimes did not get optimal results. With the advent of Kybella, controlled access to the product is strict, and only physicians trained and approved can perform injections. 
Injection lipolysis works, but there are a couple of factors that make it less attractive nowadays than it used to be. One is the cost. Getting FDA approval is very expensive, so the company must charge accordingly for the drug. More than one treatment may be needed, making the cost to treat a single region significant. The second factor is that during that eight or nine year interval, many minimally invasive procedures have been developed that can treat the same trouble spots with a single treatment session, minimal discomfort, and perhaps less downtime than injection lipolysis requires. 
So in order to get the best Lipodissolve or Kybella result in 2017, please research your physician carefully. Make sure that this treatment is indicated for your specific needs. Follow instructions carefully, and perhaps modify your expectations regarding the outcome. 

Diane I. Duncan, MD, FACS
Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon
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