How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

What's the normal price range for dental crowns, when you have to pay out of pocket and have no dental insurance?

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Cost of Dental Crown

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I can only talk about the cost of a dental crown in India. In our practice where a majority of patients do not have dental insurance we charge Rs. 5000 (US $80) for a porcelain fused to metal crown with a five year warranty,

An all ceramic crown, zirconia/emax which comes with a 10 year unconditional replacement warranty is for Rs. 12,000 (US $200). These crowns are fabricated at 3M labs here ( an American company).

Hope this helps


Dr. Prashant Nanda
Delhi, India

India Dentist

Porcelain Crowns in Mexico

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Hello, in Mexico you can expect to pay $450 US per porcelain crown. We do not produce any material therefor all materials are imported from the USA, Japan, Belguium. etc. We use the finest labs as well, you should check option for dental tourism. I hope this helps.

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

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The cost of dental crowns vary widely depending on what dental office you are getting you dental treatment done, what material is being used. For example a tooth colored crown as opposed to a silver metal looking crown (you can get a Hyundai or a Lexus, using a car as a comparison). The treating doctor's experience, qualifications of the preforming dentist AND the dental laboratory  to quality and mechanics depending on the Laboratory the dental office uses. In third world countries dental work can be done for a very low cost to the patient and cheaply used quality of products. For example. In Fiji, I was told a crown or a root canal can be done for $15 UD Dollars, even with this low price I saw a lot of people with missing teeth and periodontal disease.

In the US there are many more factors that determine the cost of dental treatment; there is a lot more value in the treatment the is being preformed by the dentist. Fees for service can vary on many conditions and a dental crown can range from approx. $950.00 up to $3,500.with a warranty  Please consider a reputable dental office and preferably a local dentist otherwise how can you use the warranty?

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Cost varies with Global Economies

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I am assuming you are in the US.  If so, costs will vary per state and metro areas as well as the dentists' skills and technology they utilize.   @$1,000 in my location using eMax Cereamic crowns placed in one visit using CEREC CAD/CAM technology. Remember, crown build up fillings to prepare a tooth for proper retention, radiographs and other needed services to improve the tooth may be necessary and would add to the costs.

Emery Cole, DMD
Birmingham Dentist

Price range of crowns

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There are many different crowns on the market from porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain, gold crowns. They all cost a little different due to the material and lab costs incurred with each crown. The price range can be from $1000 to $1500 per crown.

Price of a crown

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The price of a crown depends on many factors. Typically they range from $600-$2500. That is a wide range but location, material, dental lab and the doctors’ experience can affect the price. If you are paying out of pocket, a dental office will usually consider discounts-especially if they take a lot of insurances.


$ PFM -porcelain fused to metal crown-these crowns are made of metal with a porcelain ‘coating’. They are cheaper to make but strong. The downside is that the metal base can show at the gum line.

$$ All porcelain crowns-these crowns are nicer and great for cosmetic treatment. They are also metal free but can be weak.  Best suited for front of the mouth.

$$$ Zirconia /e-max/lava- these crowns are strong like metal but made of one material that is tooth colored.

$$$$ Gold-gold is the best or material to use but really only for molars. Gold can also be used as the base of a crown, with porcelain over it.


Some dentists do not even give options and will only consider doing one type of crown or using a certain lab.  At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. You can have a crown made of diamonds but an inexperienced dentist placing it can lead to it needed to be replaced. Technical skill of the dentist and from the dental lab is key to the price. Dentists who are experienced and skilled know the value in the crown they are providing the patient and will charge accordingly. A wool sweater sold at Nordstrom is more expensive than a wool sweater sold at Old Navy. Quality is key.


A crown from a Beverly Hills, NYC, Santa Monica dentist will cost more than less affluent areas.

If you are paying over $1200 for a crown out of pocket you should consider getting a guarantee in writing that the dentist will replace the crown for free within the first year or two. After that, if something wrong with the crown is detected, it is reasonable for the patient to at least cover the lab cost to replace it. After 5 years, most insurance will cover a replacement. If not, you should be able to negotiate a fair amount with your dentist. Dentists are usually happy to redo or replace faulty work. Sometimes cement gets loose, or the porcelain chips…there are many reasons crowns need to be replaced. Communication is essential. 

It depends on the material used

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On average a crown will cost around $1000 canadian dollars in our practice. Some materials will be more expensive than others but thats a fair ball park number.

Its important to note that while crowns are expensive, and the affordability factor is real and important for many of our patients, you still are making one of the best investments you could in your oral health. Very few cosmetic procedures or even consumer items come with a 5 year warranty and an average lifespan of 15-20 years!

We always advise our patients to consider the quality and craftsmanship of the materials and the experience level of the clinican before looking to save a few hundred dollars.

The cost of re-doing a crown, needing a root canal, or losing the tooth due to a less than ideal crown can be far more expensive!

It depends on what top of crown

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There are multiple types of crowns.  And based on the type of crown and the area you live in can also contribute to the price.  On average Crowns can run anywhere from $750-$1500 US dollars.  You also have the option of taking out a discount dental plan which are very inexpensive and can significantly help with lowering the costs.

Carolina Steier, DMD
Boca Raton Dentist

Cost of a crown

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As a general rule (with some exceptions), full crowns will range from $750- $1500.  There are a variety of factors that affect the fee including whether there is an overiding insurance fee schedule, the materials used to make the crown, the experience and skill level of the dentist, the cost of living in the area of the dental office, and the quality of the dental lab that fabricates the crown.  

Daniel Melnick, DDS
Laurel Dentist

How Much Do Crowns Cost?

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The question "How much do crowns cost?" is between "How much does a car cost?" and "How much does brain surgery cost?"    

First of all, like cars all crowns are not the same.  PFM's, porcelain fused to metal, are generally weaker and less natural looking than all ceramic crowns.  The metal is usually nickel which can cause inflammation.  Porcelain is made of aluminum oxide and chips easily.  E.max crowns are made of dilithium silicate and is much harder as well as more natural looking.  Zirconium oxide crowns are the strongest crowns though they are rather opaque and preferred for back teeth.

Secondly, not all dentists or lab techs have the same artistic skills or functional awareness.  If the dental office walls are lined with pictures of sailboats instead of smiling satisfied patients, then the dentist may not have smiling satisfied patients. 

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