Are there any doctors in the United States who perform V Line Surgery on caucasian patients? I want a more heart shaped face.

My face is wide at the bottom. I've been considering V line surgery, but I can only find before and after pics from surgeons in other countries. I love the results of Bristol Palin's surgery. Does anyone know who performed her surgery or where I could go in the United States to get this done. Sorry, I have no pics at this time. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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V line surgery in the US

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Indeed there are surgeons in the US that perform V line surgery and mandibular contouring, but as you see, they are most popular in parts of Asia.  I was trained in craniofacial surgery and am able to perform bony augmentation and reduction to change the bony shape of the jaw and chin.  I enjoy these cases very much, but not everyone is a candidate.I do not know specifics of Bristol Palin's surgery, but looking at before and after pictures, it looks like much of the change can be attributed to weight loss.  It also appears she had a genioplasty (chin implant or advancement) and liposuction around her neck and chin.  I do not think she had jaw surgery, but I can't be sure as I am not her doctor.The point is, there are many ways to get the results you want, and an in person consult is the only way to get an idea of what your options are.Best of luck,Dr Rodman

Domestic V-line surgery

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I don't know who did Bristol's surgery, but it may have been a dentist and not a cosmetic surgeon.  She claims she had a procedure to align her teeth, so she may have had her jaw advanced to correct a severe underbite.  This would have been done for medical reasons, but for someone with such a round face would have had the fortunate side effect of increased chin and jaw definition.  Significant weight loss also helped to improve her facial shape to the current heart-shaped face.  You are correct that V-line surgery creates the same effect by reducing the width of the lower face and increasing the angle at which the jaw line heads back toward the ear.  This makes the overall face more hear-shaped and feminine.  There are several of us in the US who have significant experience performing these procedures.   Typically, the surgery can be performed through small incisions inside your mouth leaving no visible scars.  In most patients I will also refine the chin to help create their ideal facial shape.  Please contact our office with any additional questions.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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