Smoking marijuana two weeks after LASIK surgery. Should I be worried about my healing?

I had lasik two weeks ago and I smoked pot last night. I don't smoke very often, it's just a once in a while thing. Should I be worried about my healing or anything at all?

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Smoking marijuana after Lasik

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Smoking marijuana after Lasik will not affect your healing or any other aspect. You have nothing to worry about.

Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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Marijuana and LASIK

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Smoking marijuana at this point should not affect your healing process.  The smoke may make your eyes dry so I would recommend that you make sure to lubricate your eyes with preservative-free artificial tears.

Jay Bansal, MD
San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Marijuana After LASIK

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There aren't any peer-reviewed studies on optimal timing, choice of or frequency of street drugs after LASIK surgery.  We know that certain compounds in the smoke of street drugs can be directly damaging to the corneal surface (specifically crack cocaine) but corneal toxicity is not a widely known side effect of marijuana. There are other concerns with drug use after ocular surgery including safety and lack of awareness to follow normal precautions (no eye rubbing, for example). 

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist

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