Vision blurry and like looking through dirty glass 10 days past LASIK. Worried I might have DLK or Epithelial Growth.

Saw my surgeon at 1 week.He saw blood cells behind flap, offered to flush them out.I asked if its possible for cells to dissolve on their own, he said yes but might take longer.He suggested using steroid twice daily for 1 week.I later learned online that I might have DLK or Epithelial Growth.If he thought its DLK, why didnt he prescribe aggressive steroid treatment?If he thought it was ingrowth why didnt he insist to irrigate? Worried that while I wait there is more damage done to my eyes. HELP

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Blurry vision

Since your surgeon did not see DLK or epithelial ingrowth at your last visit, he did not have a reason to prescribe an aggressive steroid treatment dose.  Blood cells may resolve on its own and is not the same condition as DLK or epithelial ingrowth.  At your next visit, if your vision does not improve and the red blood cells are still present under the flap, your surgeon may consider re-lifting and irrigating your flap to flush the cells out.  I would make sure to continue seeing your eye doctor for scheduled follow-ups.  

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Blurry vision 10 days after Lasik

It is clear that your surgeon does not think that you have DLK or epithelial ingrowth. Red blood cells can get under the flap and they do go away, though it can take some weeks to do so. If you are not a lot better next week maybe she should flush under the flap.

Andrew Caster, MD
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