Why is inframammary fold uneven? Will it even out? (Photos)

I am 10 days post op but I've noticed my inframammary fold has been uneven since day 1. I included my preop photo - I am pretty sure I was symmetrical before surgery. Will this even out? If I press the implant down daily, will it lower the fold line to match the other side? As things begin to settle it looks as if my right breast is beginning to droop below the fold. Is a revision necessary? And why did this happen? Was the pocket not created correctly during surgery?

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Why is inframammary fold uneven? Will it even out?

Thank you for your question and photographs, and it appears that you will have a very nice result. After placement of implants, the overall appearance of the breasts will change dramatically over the next several months, as the implants drop, and the overlying tissue stretches to accommodate the extra volume. At ten days your implants appear to be settling, with your right having dropped a bit sooner than your left. This is very common. I would anticipate your left breast implant to follow suit within the next several weeks. I will say that although your left arm is elevated in your "before" pic it does appear that you may have had a higher breast crease on that side compared to your right.  I know waiting is difficult, but judge your results at 4-6 months after surgery as most of your breast changes should have occurred by then. Hope this helps.

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Why is inframammary fold uneven? Will it even out?

Thank you for your pictures and questions. While I can appreciate the asymmetry you are noting, keep in mind that you are only 10 days out from surgery and your final result will not be revealed until at least 3 months after surgery. It could be that one implant is settling sooner than the other and this is often the case. I think that at this point, you have a very nice result, and you should take a deep breath, relax, and just be patient. Discuss at your followup visits your concerns so your surgeon can follow along with you. If after 6 months, you are still unhappy with the outcome, you can discuss revisions. I am guessing by then, you will be very happy!

Good luck!

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Breast Asymmetry and Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation very rarely produces perfect breast symmetry because virtually all patients have pre-existing breast asymmetry to some degree. You are very early in the post-operative recovery phase and the appearance of the breasts will change over time. Allow for a good six months after surgery before making any decision about revisions. Be sure to express your concerns to your surgeon who is in the best position to follow up on your healing and to advise you regarding implant massage and displacement. 

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Uneven inframammary folds

Your asymmetry is mild and you are very early after surgery. I have seen implants continue to drop for many many months. Your surgeon may have some advice about massage if you have smooth walled implants. If the upper poles of your breasts feel even I would not recommend you consider any type of revision for just asymmetric folds, as this is a common finding with many breasts. Give it 6 months to a year before you get too worried.

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Breast Asymmetry

It is too early to make an assessment about your implant positions. Both will continue to drop and fluff, and possibly even out. By three months, you'll get a better idea of you how you'll look.
Best of luck!

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