Is there a non-surgical procedure to reduce protruded chin? (photos)

I just want to know if there's a non-surgical procedure like botox or whatever to make my long chin appear shorter? Thank you and I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

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Botox for chin reduction?

Botox will not reduce the size of your chin. The most effective solution to reduce your chin would be to have a surgical procedure. Consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon would be best to determine the potential satisfaction from the procedure. 

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Is there a non-surgical way to reduce my chin?

Chins can be reduce but it is much more involved that making them more prominent with implants or even with filer injections. Also, Kybella I use to "melt" the fat from below the chin.

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Reduction of Chin Non Surgically -- Botox, Surgery

Really the only effective treatment is jaw surgery but this may make a person appear disproportionate.  Botox can be tried on the chin but this typically only helps with wrinkles.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cannot reduce chin size with Botox

Botox is neuromodulator that temporarily relaxes muscles.  It will not reduce your chin size.  Botox can be injected into the mentalis muscle to temporarily soften the appearance of a puckered chin but will not change it's size.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Non-surgical Chin Reduction

While you can enhance or make the chin bigger nonsurgically, reducing the size of the chin nonsurgically is not possible.  A genioplasty to shorten your chin is the most likely solution for you. However, an examination in person and photos of your entire face, not just your chin, will allow for a  more personalized answer.  Botox will only help reduce the appearance of a dimpled or pitted chin. Juvederm injected to the sides of your chin/lower face could possibly make it appear shorter by widening your face and improving the disproportion, but it will not reduce your chin length and you may not like having a wider face.

Millicent Odunze-Geers, MD, MPH
Sacramento Physician
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Protruding chin and non-surgical procedure

For chins that stick out, a surgery may be recommended to reduce how far it protrudes. This depends on how far the chin sticks out, if you have an underbite, and how the chin balances with the rest of your face. 
Many patients may not be ready for surgery and want to consider non-surgical options. 
Potentially, if the grooves on the side of the chin are deep, then facial fillers may help to smooth the transition from chin to jaw. It may make your lower face appear wider and rounder. 
A consultation with an examination and photo analysis is necessary to determine what options are appropriate for you. And it may be appropriate to do nothing. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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