How Much Should You Weigh to Qualify for a Tummy Tuck?

How Much Should You Weigh to Qualify for a Tummy Tuck?

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Weight to qualify for tummy tuck

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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure to address the changes to the abdomen that occur with pregnancy. The skin of the abdomen is stretched and in some cases overstretched causing stretch marks and in addition the underlying muscle layer is stretched and weakened.  The tummy tuck addresses these problems to remove the loose skin and tighten the muscle layer.  Liposuction is often used with this procedure to address excess fat on the abdomen and hip and/or flank areas as well. The procedure is not a weight losing operation.  It is ideally performed on patient who are at or near their ideal body weight.

Patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight are candidates for an abdominoplasty primarily to address the excess skin that can be present after a significant amount of weight loss.

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Weight to Qualify for a Tummy Tuck?

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There is no specific weight necessary to “qualify” for a tummy tuck procedure. Every patient's situation is considered individually. Generally, I advise patients to be as close as possible to a long-term stable weight prior to undergoing any body contouring surgery. This avoidance of surgery on patients who are overweight helps minimize perioperative complications  and decreases the chances that further surgery may be “necessary” if additional weight is lost after the body contouring surgery.

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Weight requirement for tummy tuck

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A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that is not weight dependent.  We have done tummy tucks on people who were normal, overweight and obese.  The complications are higher in people who are obese but the patients may also benefit from the resulting weight loss.

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