Swelling in Thighs Two Weeks After Brazilian Butt Lift

I just had a bbl, with lipo'd areas, and one of my areas were my thighs. Right now, my thighs are so IMMENSELY swollen, they feel hard like they may burst! I notice the tenderness and try to massage, they are NOT slim post surgery, and the knees have suchers(sp) maybe to slim them?

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Leg Swelling after Brazilian Butt Lift and Lipo......

With the Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction, you will get swelling. How much varies from person to person as well as from one area to another. Typically, the lower areas of the body tend to swell more. Swelling of your legs can be a normal thing, however if it is asymmetrical swelling (one side bigger than the other) you have to consider the possibility of blood clots. You should definitely be evaluated by your surgeon. If it is just normal swelling, then the compressive garments will help with this as well as leg elevation, which of course is difficult to do if you are not allowed to lay on your back. Definitely talk with your surgeon to be safe.

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Massive thigh swelling after Brazilian Butt Lift

IT is difficult to assess the situation without photos or knowing the amount of fat removed. You may want to discuss this with your surgeon. IT most likely is normal swelling but should be evaluated.

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