No Bowel Movement One Week Post-op Brazilian Butt Lift

I am writing as I am exactly one week today out from my Brazilian Butt Lift W/ Fat Transfer. I have not had a bowel movement, although I have had slimming teas, orange juice and had resumed regular eating, however lightly. Should I be concerned or WORRIED???! Thanks

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Slow bowels

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There may be some simple reasons for no bowel movement yet.

1.  Your intake of food after surgery may be less than it was before surgery.

2.  The bowels may be slowed because of the surgical stress and the use of pain medications

You should not concern yourself at this point.  Certainly the use of a gentle laxative and/or stool softener may be helpful.  Make sure your PS is aware of the issue so that he/she can follow up on  this issue.

Good Luck

Dr. ES

Post-Surgery Constipation

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The MOST common cause of post-surgical constipation, light headedness and nausea/vomiting are the pain pills. The vast majority of pain pills are opiates and relax the smooth muscle which fills the walls of the gut and blood vessels. Smooth muscle relaxation in blood vessels is associated with a drop in blood pressure which causes light headedness. The relaxation of the gut causes a slowing of emptying of the stomach (nausea) and the colon (constipation).  Solution - stop the pain pills. You may need a Fleets enema to get things moving again.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

No Bowel Movement One Week Post-op Brazilian Butt Lift

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Stop all narcotics, prune juice and lots of fluids. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

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No bowel movement 1 week after cosmetic plastic surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift)

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Any narcotic can result in slowing of the bowel and hardening of the stool wtih constipation. Every surgeon tends to have their own favorite regimen. We prefer to avoid laxatives at first and advise mineral oil and milk of magnesia followed by stool soteners, laxatives (oral than rectal approaches) and lastly the use of enemas of digital disimpaction.

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