Treatment for Encapsulated Fat After Brazilian Butt Lift

What is the recommended treatment for incapsulated fat as complication from Brazilian Butt Lift? I underwent a brazilian butt lift 7 days ago. Unfortunately the fat on my left buttock did not take/encapsulated/hardened. My surgery was performed in Mexico. My MD has me on Cedix and gave me 1 Rocephin IM. Do I stick with my MD for treatment or should I seek help in US? What is the Recommended tx?

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Problems when complications occur after medical tourism in Mexico

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Ultrasound guidance can be used ot assist in guidance of loculated collections. However, this may be prohibitively expensive. Your best bet is to travel back to mexico where the care can be rendered by those familar with the complications.

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Definitely get another opinion!

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If your surgeon who performed this procedure for you is telling you that your fat didn't take after only 7 days, or that it is already encapsulated ... ???? Then I would definitely get another opinion. There is absolutely no way of knowing that at only 7 days after surgery! It sounds like he suspects that you have an infection since he is treating you with antibiotics, and is probably expecting that your fat will not survive due to this.

Definitely get another opinion!

Need to see U.S. experts

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Encapsulation at 7 days and the fat did not take already?  Strange at best!  You are a somewhat difficult position.  You must find a board certified plastic surgeon will want to intervene at this point especially from a doctor who treated you in another country.  You NEED to find someone in the states.

Good Luck

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Having fat necrosis and so called encapsulation tells me you had an inexperienced "physician" doing your buttock enhancement with fat transfer.


With ALL the problems I would not recommend going to the same person.

Samir Shureih, MD
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