When I Wear my Invisalign My Bite is Way off. Will This Cause a Problem?

I just had my invisilign done today , when i put it on and bite down my BITE is way off, is this going to cause any problems later on after i finish my sessions of invisilign will it cause my bite to be way off as well ?

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Bite with Invisalign

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It is a normal feeling. Do not be worry. The bite will come back to normal after a couple of aligners.
Dr. Barba

Santa Ana Dentist

Invisalign moves teeth and changes happen to the bite also

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You seem to be just starting the invisalign procedure and are feeling that with the first set of aligners, your bite feels off and different. It is normal for braces or invisalign to make your bite feel off since you are moving teeth .  The muscle tension will ease up once your teeth have shifted within that tray, usually, after the first week or so. Your trays are new to you and may be causing you to clench and grind, which causes muscle tension as well. In a couple of weeks it should be feeling more natural . Give it some time!  Good luck and always talk to your treating doctor about any problem you may be experiencing!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Bite changes with Invisalign

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Any type of orthodontics (wire or aligners) will change your bite. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. This may be the case for you. I suggest that you see your dentist to confirm that your teeth are moving as planned. If your dentist is comfortable with your progress, then I would say everything is normal.

Bobbi Stanley, DDS
Raleigh-Durham Dentist

Invisalign can make your bite feel different

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Hi- Invisalign can make your bite feel different as you are now biting on the aligner surface. Your bite will be changing as your teeth move. Having not seen your case it is hard to comment on your bite being way off and the future of your invisalign treatment.  You should ask your invisalign doctor about this as well as ask him/her to show you the invisalign movie of how your teeth started and how they are going to finish.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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