Can You Use Invisalign on the Top Teeth and Metal Braces on the Lower Teeth Together?

13 months of Invisalign but my lower teeth are still not straight. My lower teeth still have crowding and one of my cylinder teeth needs to be rotated. I also have a deep overbite and not all of lower teeth make contact when I bite down. My upper teeth are fairly straight. most of the consultations I had told me standard metal braces would be best. Is Invisalign refinements a waste of time?

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Invisalign on one jaw and braces on the other is quite possible.

Quite often we come across patients who want Invisalign, but they have one or more teeth on the lower arch that may not move predictably with Invisalign.  Lower canines and premolars in particular do not rotate well with Invisalign.  It is also not very predictable at fully correcting deep bite.  It is quite alright to do combination treatment with Invisalign upper and fixed braces lower.  In your case, it may be more efficient to just stop the lower Invisalign treatment and have your doctor swap to lower braces.

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Lower teeth and invisalign/braces


If you have been using invisalign on your lower teeth and are not seeing any improvement, then I would recommend going into lower braces which are going to be faster than invisalign. Canines can be difficult to rotate with invisalign and thus braces will be best to get out that rotation. If you have a deep bite, your orthodontist will need to make sure that you are not hitting your lower braces.  I would make sure that you let an orthodontist put on your lower braces.

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Invisalign and braces

You can always try Invisalign and braces together, however you must be aware if the treatment fails you'll have to go to old fashion braces only.
Dr. Barba

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Invisalign and Conventional Metal Braces Combo

What you describe is entirely possible and may be the best answer to your situation. Most importantly, find an Orthodontist or General Dentist with extensive orthodontic experience and then take their advice. Good luck!

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
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