Lumps and dimples on my stomach 2 weeks after liposuction. is this normal? (Photo)

I'm exactly 2 weeks post liposuction to my flanks, back upper thighs and stomach. We only removed 900cc as I was very fit already but had some minor problem areas. Looked great at first, but now that swelling is going down I have extremely noticeable lumps and dimples that make my stomach area looked deformed. I'm wearing compression and massaging regularly. Dr. states to wait and see if we need to fat graft later but that he thinks it will resolve. Any comments or input? Is this normal?

Update/Edit - Consumer had 900cc removed, not 90cc.

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Contour irregularities are common immediately after liposuction.

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Contour irregularities such as those in the photograph are fairly common after liposuction. These will gradually subside as swelling subsides.

Irregular liposuction result

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Thank you for your liposuction question.
  • You are early after your liposuction,
  • Things will improve greatly.
  • The irregularities are real but should supside,
  • I would wait 6 full months before having anything done. Best wishes.

Lumps and Bumps After Lipo

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It appears you have asymmetries but since it is so early, it may just be swelling.  At this point I would suggest ultrasound or massage treatments and exercise/diet.  If after a few months they arent improving, then fat transfer, additional liposuction or noninvasive treatments like Liposonix or Ultrashape can be very useful here to address only the specific areas without having to undergo another surgery.  I suggest seeking someone who has experience in revision procedures and knows how to use and does on a regular basis use these newer non-invasive devices.  I would gladly see you or I would suggest my good friend Dr. David Amron in Beverly Hills.  Anyone who does these procedures regularly, regardless of speciality, will be better than someone who has little training.  I am a Dermatologist/Dermatologic Surgeon with years of experience and 100s of cases with no complications.  Plastic surgeon or not, you want an expert with attention to detail. I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lumps and dimples on my stomach 2 weeks after liposuction. is this normal?

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This is a very to common risk of liposuction done without an attention to detail. Yes fat gratis may be the best treatment even now... 

Lumps bumps and dips after a small amount of liposuction.

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Ninety cubic centimeters is less of an amount than any suction I have ever done. I get more than that amount from an average chin. Your level of fitness not withstanding, I don't get it. Is your surgeon a board cetritified plastic surgeon who has done a ton of liposuction, or is it a surgeon from another specialty who took a course on how to do lipo dissolve, smart lipo, or laser lipo!  To cause waves with that small an amount of fat taken is unusual,  but please listen to his (or her) advise, and wait at least six months before having anything done. If your surgeon isn't board certified in plastic surgery, please seek another opinion from someone who is and who does this surgery routinely, before you let anyone else revise your surgery. Remember that it's too early to address the problem you may, or may not, patient and good luck. 

Ayman Hakki, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction irregularities

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Your surgeon is right.  You are still very early in the healing process and these areas should resolve over the next few weeks to months.  Continue massaging and expect your final results after 4-6 months.

Lumps and bumps after liposuction

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At two weeks your are still very swollen. You will have to give it 4-6 months to heal. If you are concerned, speak to your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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