1 month post op Neck Liposuction, there are hard knotty areas, ripples, and lines. Will this resolve itself? (photos)

I had neck liposuction a month ago. I wore the compression strap and wrap religiously. 2 weeks in, about 30 cc of fluid was drained. A week later, another 15 cc drained. The fluid pocket has gone down but there are hard knotty areas, ripples, and lines. I still wear compression. At this point, it is worse than before I had the procedure and I am embarrassed to go in public. Will this resolve itself? Could the hardness be scar tissue already?

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Unhappy with neck liposuction

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Unfortunately, your neck liposuction result is not going to improve to your satisfaction.
Nothing more should be done x 6 months after the surgery.
Massage may help in the meantime. Anything else should be extremely low energy and gentle.
What you will then need depends on final healing - and is unlikely to be an easy fix.
Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for help. Best wishes/

1 month post op Neck Liposuction, there are hard knotty areas, ripples, and lines. Will this resolve itself?

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Unfortunately it appears as the in correct operative option was done/chosen. I believe you needed a neck lift vs liposuction of your neck... Now to correct can take multiple surgical interventions, i.e. neck lifting, ThermiSmooth RF sessions, fat grating...

Lumpiness Post Liposuction of the Neck

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There appears to have been a seroma formation with resultant scar.  This can be treated with massage, ultrasound, and steroid injections.  Often, if the induration and rippling doesn't improve, you may need a surgeon to go in and release the neck and remove the scar tissue.  I suggest waiting at least 3-6 months for this however.  I would seek another opinion if your current physician is not offering options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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This hardness after neck liposuction may not be completely reversible.

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If you're liposuction was accompanied by laser or ultrasound there may have been thermal damage to the connective tissue or skin that will be a reversible. The fact that you had fluid drained is suggestive of this. Nevertheless, you need to be patient and let the healing complete

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