Fat transfer to breast to add fullness?

Over the last 3 years my breast have lost a significant amount of volume. Deep stretchmarks along with the lack of volume makes my cleavage look like it belongs to a 70 yr old woman. Eeek! Breast implants do no appeal to me due to their maintenance and possibility of erupting. The scar from a breast lift scares me. Is a fat transfer alone to the breast going to be able to give me the fullness i want? And if so, will it make the breast stiff once healed?

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Breast Fat Augmentation, Lift

Breast augmentation should not be used as a replacement for significantly sagging breasts. Adding volume to sagging breasts will often result in larger breasts that need more lifting.  Breast augmentation with fat is best suited for those patlients who desire shaping and more fullness obtained with their own tissues. It is a procedure that has been performed safely since the early 1990's. Mammographic micro-calcifications are distinguishable from malignant ones with modern mamogram technology. More than one procedure is required to obtain the results that most augmentation patients seek.. Liposuction with fat transfer may be accomplished without general anesthesia with associated mild post-operative pain. Recovery is only a matter of days. In the long run it should not cost more than breast implant augmentation when we take into account that the fat lasts and does not have to be replaced in the future as implants do.
Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.give a more rounded appearance.

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Fat Transfer to Breasts

I would not recommend fat transfer for your breast issue. From your pictures it looks like you need a lift. If you want more volume you can have implants placed but you already look large. This might have to be staged. 
Fat transfer is effective but not a solution for all problem particularly when breast sagging or ptosis is involved.

Burton M. Sundin, MD
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When the problem is sagging, breast fat transfer is not always the best answer

You may get more volume with breast fat grafting, but cosmetically speaking, when there is sagging present, the bit of extra volume you get will not enhance you significantly.  Make sure you are doing fat transfer for the right reasons, which is enhancement of size, rather than breast position.

Marwan R. Khalifeh, MD
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