Is the Feeling of Movement in Your Stomach After a TT Normal?

i am 6 days PO TT fleur dis lis, with muscle repair, and for the last few days i have the strangest feeling in my abdomen, the only way to describe it, is like the fluttering you feel when you feel your baby kicking the first time, as if something is floating. it dosent hurt but i don't like the sensation at all! i am still quite swollen especially in the evening, are these feelings normal, i find myself holding my tummy when the floating sensations occurs mainly whilst walking.

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Bizarre sensations in the abdominal wall can occur temporarily after abdominoplasty.

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Many patients complain of strange feelings or sounds coming from the abdomen shortly after in abdominoplasty. As swelling subsides these will become less frequent and less intense eventually stopping altogether.

You may have fluid.

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You didn't mention if you have a drain or drains, but you have had a big operation that involves skin flaps and potential spaces that can collect blood and serum. Even if you have drain(s), clogging could prevent proper function, allowing fluid (hemotoma or seroma) to collect.

This is not an emergency, but fluid prevents the tissue layers from adhering and healing properly, and if allowed to persist, may require reoperation to remove the seroma cavity lining (pseudobursectomy). So I always consider undrained fluid an "urgency," not an emergency. But once identified as such, get it drained ASAP!

You need to see your surgeon promptly and have this checked. If fluid is present draining it is a very minimal deal and non-painful. Call today! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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