Hiking - Not All Uphill, Moderately Strenuous - TT Post 3 Wks?

My tt is scheduled for March 6th. We have a vacation starting March 22. It sounds like walking a couple of miles - straight path - will be ok by then. What about a walk with a couple of steep hills - say 5 miles? My husband had a hernia repair and was doing ok until he did a brisk walk, 4 days post-op; he probably pulled internal stitch and started bleeding internally -> ER and was admitted. I don't want that to happen to me ... could this happen with a tt surgery? Thanks.

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Tummy tuck

I do not let my patients do any walking for exercise until they are 6 weeks out from surgery. This operation is not the same as a hernia repair. A large flap of skin was elevated and then replaced. The concern is having fluid form under that flap(seroma), so I would emphatically recommend no hiking for 6 weeks.

Columbia Plastic Surgeon
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Vacation 3 weeks after TT

Everyone heals differently so there are no hard and fast rules but you should certainly check with your surgeon about your planned vacation. Depending on where you are going and how far and long it would take you to get to help if something went wrong, it may be better for you to consider postponing either your surgery or your vacation. If all goes well after surgery, you may be fine. But if for some reason your healing is delayed, a vacation that soon after surgery may be a problem. Discuss this with your surgeon who is in the best position to advise you. And good luck with your surgery.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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Hiking - Not All Uphill, Moderately Strenuous - TT Post 3 Wks?

I would steer clear of exertional hikes until six weeks after surgery by which time the incisions will have reached 90% of their healing strength. Having a problem in a remote area would be most unpleasant. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes for your upcoming surgery. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Hiking - Not All Uphill, Moderately Strenuous - TT Post 3 Wks?

It is commendable that you wish to return to exercise as soon as possible after surgery. Your plastic surgeon alone should be your resource when it comes to determining the return to specific activities after the specific procedures performed.

He/she will know exactly how you are progressing and whether or not you have experienced any complications. Remember, that he/she is ultimately responsible for your care. Online consultants' advise here may be confusing (and even dangerous).

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Uphill Walking 3 Weeks After Tummy Tuck

I usually tell people that they can begin cardio workouts at 3 weeks post tummy tuck provided that all is healing well.  If you are having to strain to get up these hills; however, this is not worth it and I would delay.  If anything hurts do not push, stop.  Ideally, I would move up the date of your surgery so that you have more time to recover.

Sacha Obaid, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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