My belly button seems low after tummy tuck (Photo)

My ps floated my BB to a lower position during a TT and muscle repair . seems too low to me. Was this a Full TT? And is my BB too low?

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Belly button position varies

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Thank you for your question. The belly button can vary in position on the abdomen and is often difficult to completely control in final positioning and appearance.

If is not infrequent for the belly button to be off centre though as a plastic surgeon I would make every attempt to set it in the right spot.

The appearance of your belly button looks nice and i would give it settling time.

You also have an 'innie'  belly button which is pleasing so your plastic surgeon has given you a nice bikini line scar and a pretty belly button.

So hold fast and you will adjust to this new position. 

Thunder Bay Plastic Surgeon

Belly button

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Hi and thanks for your question and posted photos. Your belly button looks lower but it actually is in the right place but the rest aroud it changed and  makes that ilusion. You result is verygood, you shouldn´t worry about it.

Dr. Milla

Belly button position

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Belly buttons are positioned differently and there is no standard as to exactly where a natural belly button should be. This can vary depending on your height, body shape, and genetics. Your belly button does appear to be slightly lower than in your before photo and it also seems that you still have swelling in the surgical site. The post-operative swelling and body posture changes can mask what your final result will be. In the meantime, ask the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure for his or her assessment. 

BB position

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If your belly button does not have a scar around it and your surgeon did a "BB float" then in his judgment at the time of surgery you did not have enough excess skin for a formal tummy tuck.  But the simplest thing is to ask your surgeon what was done and why.  That said you appear to have a nice result.

Dr. Corbin

Belly button position

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The position of the belly button should be at the level of the top of your hip bone. In a standing position, feel the highest point on the hip bone at your sides. The run the hands around to the front. The belly button should intersect that horizontal line. 

Belly button too Low?

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Thank you for your pictures. In my opinion, your belly button was too high before the surgery.  Your belly button at this point after surgery appears to be in the normal position.

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