Walking After Tummy Tuck?

im 2 weeks out from full tummy tuck just had drains removed and dr told me i should not be doing alot of walking still?? is this normal,i can understand not hard core walking,but what is the average i should be walking by now,he hasnt given me any detailed answers???? confused..to walk or not to walk????

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Walking is very important to keep your blood flowing normally. Your Ps is the one that should explain why you could or couldn’t be walk. In our practice we have our patients walk every 2-3 hours for 15-20 minutes at a time for the first week. After that week we advise to walk at a normal rate.  Not up or down the stairs.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Walking after a tummy tuck

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Most patients are advised to begin walking immediately after having a tummy tuck, although you will be in a semi-flexed position for a few days or up to one week. Please consult with your own plastic surgeon as he or she may have a specific reason why your walking is being limited at this time.

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William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Walking After Tummy Tuck?

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Each surgeon has a personal preference for post-op activity level. Mine is to encourage walking beginning the day of surgery. 

By two weeks you should be well on your way to returning to normal activity. Most of my patients are already back to work by this time, provided it is not physically strenuous work. 

I think a call to your surgeon to get a specific activity recommendation is in order. Thanks, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Walking after tummy tuck

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Once the sutures are removed, which is typically at the two week point, there is no reason why you can't walk unless there is a mitigating factor . You mention that you just had drains removed. Generally, drains don't stay in for two weeks so it is possible that your doctor is taking a conservative posture on that basis. You should adhere to his postop regimen and, as you begin to become more active, do so gradually and do not overexert.

Walking at two weeks post tummy tuck

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At two weeks, with the drains out and everything healing well, you can start to increase your activity level. It is  important to do this in moderation however.  At one month, you can resume normal activities. Between two weeks and one month, you should be working your way towards that goal.  Start out slowly and see how you feel. Advance gradually as you are able. 

There is no advantage to jumping in to an exercise program too soon and setting your recovery back. 

Easy does it,

Doug Hargrave


Walking After Tummy Tuck Is Encouraged

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After an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), walking is encouraged in our patients. We try to have our patients up and around immediately (night of surgery), with assistance. Thereafter, we encourage ambulation to tolerance. We also keep an abdominal binder in place for four weeks. Activity helps to resolve normal post-surgical swelling and fluid retention. This is, in my opinion, the approach that I prefer for my tummy tuck patients.

Walking is not on a treadmill or an elliptical. Walking is for reasonable and daily increasing distances which are not exhausting.

"to walk or not to walk" is a question which you should clarify with your plastic surgeon.  He (she) may have concerns that you and I are unaware of.

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Douglas J. Raskin, MD
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Walking is safe after tummy tuck

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I think 2 weeks post op from a tummy tuck is enough time for you to start walking.  You doctor may not want you to elevate your heart rate too much or use an elliptical trainer, which I can understand.  But you should be fine to start walking on even, flat surfaces---it will help you feel better and there is little to no risk from just walking.

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