My Tapes from Tummy Tuck Fell After 8 Days. Is This Ok?

Hello! I had my tummy tuck a week ago (8 days) and I finnally took a shower after I got my drenages pipes removed. I have taken 3 shower after that and most of my tapes fell off, I mean like from around 40 I got 11 left. I'm now freaking out. I think is to early and I feel like my wound is going to break open. I got stitches and it seems like is healing very well. But I was feeling so secure with the tapes. Is this ok to happend? What can I do??????

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Incision tapes falling off

It is normal for the steristrips to start falling off at this point. You should discuss with your plastic surgeon whether his postop protocol involves replacing them or leaving things alone.

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Surgical tape fell off after tummy tuck

As long as the incision is closed and skin looks normal then your recovery should be progress along just fine. It's common for surgical tape to fell off around this time frame. The best thing to do is to back to your surgeon and re-tape it. I routinely change the tape every one to two weeks for my patients. The incision is covered with surgical tape for 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery as long as they are not irritating the skin.

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Without an exam it’s hard to give you accurate advice. You need to see your PS to see what he wants to do about the sterile strips.


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Tapes from Tummy Tuck Fell After 8 Days.

Many patients will have had these strips removed when their drains were taken out. They are like a belt and suspenders--the sutures are what is holding your incision together while it is healing, not the steristrips. 

The best  person to call for reassurance is your own surgeon. Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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Concerns after Tummy Tuck?

Based on the level of anxiety that is clear in your question, you will be best off seeking follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Otherwise, no online consultant ( without direct examination) will be able to provide you with precise advice or  meaningful reassurance.  Having said that, there is nothing in your description that sounds alarming to me.

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