Waiting Period Between Chemical Peel and Restylane?

How long do you have to wait in between having chemical peel and Restylane or vice versa?

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Filler and Peel at the same visit

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I see no reason why a chemical peel and Restylane (or any other filler) cannot be done at the same visit. I frequently do this for patients to not inconvenience them with multiple visits. It depends on what type of peel I am performing as to which order the treatments are done during the visit, but one does not interfere with the other.  This also allows patients to recover from both at the same time which decreases "down-time".  Best of luck!

Waiting period between Chemical Peels and Restylane

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You can have a Chemical peel and Restylane done on the same visit. My patients do it all the time, the only thing I suggest is having the peel done before any injections.

Peels and Restylane can be done at the same time

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I only wait for few days if i'm using laser and fillers. If I use chemical peels, I could do both at the same time. You might get more swelling, but it will evently go away.

Can do same day

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I find it best to do the peel first, then the injectable dermal filler. Swelling will be more likely, but otherwise it is not a problem. I do it all the time for the convenience of my patients.

No waiting period

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There really is no waiting period. We do injections are peels together all the time without a problem. This way, you can recover from both at the same time. Good luck.

Chemical peel and Restylane

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If you are getting a light chemical peel, it can be done anytime in relation to the restylane injection. If you are getting a deeper, resurfacing peel, for example TCA 20% or stronger, I would suggest waiting 2 weeks until most of the inflammation has subsided before restylane injections. 

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

Fillers can be used simultaneously with chemical peels

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I have been successfully combining treatments of fillers with other minimally invasive procedures for years. A chemical peel works on a more superfical layer of the skin than does Restylane. Certain combinations of Botox, chemical peels, Thermage, fillers, and laser resurfacing can be simultaneously performed by experienced cosmetic surgeons.

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