Waiting to Get Laser Resurfacing After Chemical Peel?

How long after Chemical Peel would it be safe to get Laser Resurfacing? I was trying to avoid the expense of a Laser treatment by using a Chemical Peel to help with some shallow acne scars and uneven texture but realize now that I probably need something more powerful to do the job.

I have been doing extensive research on Active FX/Deep FX and do not want to receive burns by receiving the laser too soon after the peel. What is the time frame you recommend? I saw somewhere 2-4 weeks?

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How long after Chemical Peel is safe to get Laser Resurfacing

It really depends on your skin and how long it takes for the skin to reach its normal coloring. Consult with your doctor about it, but it's probably safe to have Laser Resurfacing 3-5 weeks after Chemical Peel.

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Wait a year after chemical peel and only have non-ablative Erbium laser resurfacing

If you had a medium depth or deep chemical peel you should not have ablative laser resurfacing and definitely should not have CO2 laser resurfacing. After a deep chemical peel there is risk of scarring if you have a deep ablative laser resurfacing.

Consult an expert and inquire about a non-ablative 1540 Erbium laser resurfacing, but wait a year after your chemical peel.

Non-ablative Erbium laser resurfacing with the 1540 is MORE effective for treating acne scars than is either chemoical peel or ablative laser resurfacing. (see reference below)

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