How Many Microns Deep or Passes Typically Done with CO2 Laser?

I am booked for a CO2 Silk Touch/Feather Touch ablative laser session for the full face, at a cost of $4000. My doctor says she will use 120 microns on her first pass, 120 microns on the second pass, and 60 microns on the third pass. This seems pretty shallow compared to how deep the laser can go, and I have moderate scarring. I am caucasian and don't tan or burn easily.

To doctors who have performed or currently performing ablative CO2 Laser procedures: how many microns deep and how many passes do you typically make?

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Co2 silk touch, pixel laser

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I used to use the CO2 Silk Touch/Feather Touch ablative laser exclusively with excellent results. However the new Pixel I find gives almost as good results with much faster healing and less risk. Your doctor will know the correct depth for your skin type.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser resurfacing - skin scars

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If your into "microns" then you are setting your self up for trouble. Device settings do not dictate the actual depth of penetration. The recommended energy settings are from studies that do not always parallel each patients clinical situation. Then there is the doctors experience, healing issues, compliance, etc.

I have used both of these delivery systems and have excellent results. There are treatment "end points" that an experienced doctor knows for each type of clinical setting when using ablative technology. I cannot attest to your doctors experience nor your end result. If I had a patient that was so into the depth/ pass details, I would be concerned as I may have missed the importance of the consultation with you. Take a step back.... Forget about depth..... What are your goals? Can they be obtained?

Regarding the cost, if this is performed in a hospital environment, you have a very good cost but this may not be what will make you happy in the long run.

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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