Inspira breast implants: Is 745cc Too Big For Me? (photos)

My Certified Plastic Surgeon Stated A inspira 745cc Moderate Profile Would Look Perfect On Me. I'm Happy About That Recommendation, However, Deep In Me I Feel Its Too Big? Ive searched endlessly over the internet so find someone with a similar frame as me and I see a lot of petite ladies. Just wanna get some opinions: 32 years old, 4 kids, 5'6", 198lbs, Breast Wall Diameter: 15

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Inspira breast implants : Is 745cc too big?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  745cc implants are large implants, but unfortunately without having an in-depth discussion as to your goal results, as well as an opportunity to take some key breast parameters, it is difficult to offer definite advice on the right size/profile of implant.  Your ASPS board certified plastic surgeon is your best resource in implant selection, but it may be a good idea for you to "try-on" these implants in their office.  Hope this helps.

Implants Too Big?

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A 745cc implant is a big implant.  The very largest size is 800cc so you are not too far away from that upper limit.  Some of the possible negatives of choosing implants that are too large include: thinning of breast tissue, implant malposition, breast ptosis (droopiness), back/neck/shoulder pain, increased chance of nerve injury, unnatural appearance, etc.

If you feel the 745cc implant is too big for you discuss this with your surgeon.  Your breast augmentation should be customized for you depending on your goals, body measurements, amount of breast tissue, etc.  I'm sure an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon would want to hear about your concerns before your procedure. 

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