Has anyone used the new Inspira SCM smooth round gummy bear implant yet?

I'm curious to know how they look and feel compared to the Inspira SRM implant.

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New Inspira Cohesive Implants

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The new Inspira Cohesive implants combine the 410 cohesive gel with the very popular high gel fill ratio in the Inspira implant line.  These implants have a slightly firmer feel which many patients prefer.  They also tend to deform less in the upper pole which gives a rounder and fuller look.

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New Inspira SCM gummy bear implants?

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Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  The new Inspira cohesive gel implants are comprised of a firmer gel than the Inspira SRM.  As a result there is less dropping and fluffing and more upper pole fullness that is maintained.  The choice of implant will come down to your desired goal appearance.  Hope this helps.

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Inspira SCM

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The newly approved Inspira implants have been available here in Canada for a number of years. This is a very nice implant that uses a firmer gel than the Inspira SRM. The rippling is minimal and most women can achieve a very natural look and feel. I predict that this will quickly become a very popular implant in the USA too.

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