Pondering between 350 or 375 cc Natrelle Inspira SRX or SRF on my petite frame. Which will look less "fake"? (photos)

I am pondering between getting 350 or 375 Inspira SRX or SRF implants. I don't want to look "fake". I have a very petite frame. I want more of a natural look. I am 26 yr old, 5'3, no kids, 107 lbs, and I'm a 32 A with 12.3 cm of breast width. My PS and I decided on 375 cc Inspira SRX, but now I'm thinking I might look exaggerated big. What if I get the SRF instead, is it a big difference? I'm attaching my VECTRA photos, a full body photo, and my wish boobs. Thanks!

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Natural breast augmentation results.

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Thanks for sharing your question and photos.

You appear to be on the right track in terms of your thoughts about breast augmentation.  I do believe in tissue based planning (which means evaluating each patient to determine what their body is likely to support) and also use 3-D imaging to communicate more in depth with patients about results that are realistic on their body frame. 

In general the less projecting implant will give a more natural result.  The ultra- high projections like the SRX tend to give more pronounced roundness in the upper portion of the breast and this can give a more "augmented" look.  I would encourage a follow up discussion with your board certified plastic surgeon to clarify your goals.

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Pondering between 350/375cc Inspira SRX or SRF implants.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  In general the higher the projection of implant the less natural the result.  Though sizing is difficult without an in-person evaluation I would recommend voicing your concerns to your surgeon in order to get the best advice.  "Natural" means different things to each patient.  Hope this helps.

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Pondering between 350 or 375 cc Natrelle Inspira SRX or SRF on my petite frame. Which will look less "fake"?

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"X" projection implants always look fake when used for breast augmentation. On a small frame "F" projection can also look fake but to a lesser degree. If you really want a "natural" look then consider teardrop shaped implants. Best to discuss this with your surgeon though as they'll know your specific details better than any of us online will. Best of luck! 

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