Volume loss, aging, and under eye circles? (photo)

I am 28 ,I don't drink or smoke also weight and cardio train in a gym five days per week ,I have under eye circles ,lines under my eyes when I smile , smile lines and I look tiered all the time ,What is the best treatment at this time to restore my face to how it used to look ,I am sceptical of treatments in case it goes wrong ,I am thinking of radio frequency to tighten the skin , and filler in the centre of my cheeks ,please advice thank you

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Volume loss causes

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Working out has benefits and "side effects". It is not uncommon to see younger women with facial volume loss that tends to be a result of weight training and cardio. When you burn a lot of calories, you can also burn a lot of natural fat. The end result is a somewhat gaunt appearance.

Most people are surprised by the trade off that comes with staying in shape. When you have a low BMI you also tend to have volume loss in the face.

The simplest solution is to work out less, but that carries the potential of having more body fat everywhere. So what to do?

Collagen stimulators can certainly be players in replacing lost facial volume...as can gel fillers. The placement requirement will dictate to a great degree what product is chosen. Gel fillers produce an instant effect while collagen stimulation from Sculptra occurs more gradually so it's less of a surprise to your social acquaintances.

As to tightening skin, without volume support, that procedure could produce an exaggerated appearance of gauntness - something you are looking to alleviate. At your age you likely have little actual skin laxity. A collagen stimulator or filler can "re-inflate" the skin, so you should certainly take that step first to see if you would actually benefit from skin tightening.

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Volume loss of face

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i think that it is important to be seen in person to be properly evaluated. you may very well benefit from some fillers or other forms of volume enehancement but an exam is critical.

Steven Wallach, MD
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