Drooping Corners Of Mouth Make Me Look Unhappy, What Can I Do?

Drooping corners of mouth make me look unhappy . My 14 yr old asks why I'm always frowning.  Fillers help only modestly if at all, what can I do?

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The corners of your mouth can be a challenge

There are multiple factors that cause the corner of the mouth to turn down.  First of all, it often runs in families.  It can also be affected by thinning of the mandible bone.  In addition, in this area all the muscles of the corners of the mouth come together and can pull down as you age.  The correction is often involves more than one product injected into the area.  A small touch of botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) can release the muscles that pull down.  The depression can be filled deeply with calcium hydroxyl apetite (Radiesse) used to fill under the corner and into the marionette creases.  On top of this I like to layer a hyaluronic acid like Belotero Balance.   

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Sad corners of the mouth

This is a very common problem with having downturned corners of your mouth. We can treat this with any of the fillers to soften the crease and buttress the area to upturn the corners of your mouth. Often times we can also treat this with a small amount of Botox to turn the corners back up for you.

Be sure to go to someone experienced in using these products.

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Filler AND Botox or other relaxer can help with down-turned mouth corners

There is more going on with a down turned mouth corner than filler alone can fix alone - usually.

The solution lies in providing a type of buttress with filler instead of simply trying to fill a "line". And this is particularly technique-dependent, so try to see someone who does this often.

The muscles around the mouth can also pull down. Using a touch of Botox can bring the corners back up. Again, technique dependent. Some cases my get enough lift with the Botox, but more often it is a combination of the two treatments that works the best.


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