I suspect tuberous breasts. Will a lift help the shape?

Hello, I have an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon, but it isn't for another 8 months. I'm actually 7 months pregnant now but I would like to get a breast augmentation in about a years time. I had a lot of difficulty breastfeeding my first child two years ago. Although I went to two lactation consultants, no one ever told me I might have tuberous breasts, but I think that might be the problem! Would you also recommend looking into getting a lift done when I get the procedure?

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Breast lift

A breast lift will help create a tear drop shape.  There is some constriction of the glandular tissue so this will need to be released.  An implant can also help if you wish to have a larger size as well.  The scars will extend around the nipple as part of a circumareolar mastopexy.   There is definitely some asymmetry as well so you should thoroughly discuss your expectations with your surgeon beforehand.... Best wishes!

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Changes in breasts with pregnancy

As they currently look you will benefit from a lift with or without implants. It appears you have constricted lower poles and marked asymmetry. How they will look after your pregnancy with or without breast feeding is unpredictable. Repost photos just before your consult for a community "virtual consultation" for a more accurate idea about what you'll need at that time. I attached a link that will help you know what to expect from a consult. Best of luck.

Evan Feldman, MD, FACS
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Breast lift

Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, I definitely think that you should expect to be considering a breast lift, with or without implants. Simply placing an implant will not generate a very nice appearance, and you will likely be disappointed. I think it's great that you are starting your research so early in the process. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
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Breast Lift

From these pictures you do not have the classic signs of tuberous breasts: a high inframammary fold (fold under the breast), or herniation of breast tissue through the areola. You do have breast ptosis (sagging where the nipple is lower than the fold), a conical shape to your breast (more like a cone than round), and a significant asymmetry to the breasts (the left is larger than the right). This can all be improved with a breast lift to bring the nipple to the center of your breast and get a more rounded breast. You would likely use 2 different size implants to get better symmetry. Your breast shape is unlikely related to your difficulty breastfeeding - that is not uncommon for women of all breast shapes and sizes. Best wishes with your pregnancy and future breast surgery!

K. Roxanne Grawe, MD
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Tuberous breasts

You are correct you have what are described as tuberous breasts.  Congratulations on your pregnancy.  You will need a lift and implants in order to achieve the best results.  I would recommend you wait 3-6 months after you complete breast feeding to have  your surgery. Make sure your surgery is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.  

Raymond Jean, MD
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Augmentation Mastopexy for Tuberous Breasts.

Tuberous Breasts or #tuberous breast deformity are breasts with an unusual shape. They may be very narrow at the base on the chest, or the whole breast can be very narrow in shape. There are different variations of #TuberousBreasts but is a growth and development problem which may create a great deal of angst for a young woman.
Often, those who seek to correct or improve the shape of their tuberous breasts, benefit from the results of a Breast Lift, also known as #AugmentionMastopexy.Those with #TuberousBreasts are ideal candidates for #BreastLifts. Also, women with asymmetric or enlarged nipples or areolae (pigmented areas around nipples) also may be candidates for a breast lift or a modification of a lift. #Asymmetric breast can be adjusted by adding or removing volume. One side can be tightened more or less than another. In addition #BreastImplants commonly complement a Breast Lift (#Mastopexy) . Such is called #AugmentationMastopexy.

Without the Breast Lift, the breasts may appear larger and more droopy with solely implants. They will sag more and sooner, due to the sudden and excess weight. It's also possible for a “Snoopy” breast or double bubble to develop as a result. The implant with lift can also re-position the nipples which may have been affected by ptosis or drooping. One of the primary intentions of a Breast Lift (#Mastopexy) is to improve the shape and position of the breast without reducing their size. It is used especially for breasts which sag or droop (#ptosis). Both procedures are commonly done together, in the same surgery to correct the effects sagging and turberous breasts.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation, lift

It is always best to wait 6 months after you stop breastfeeding to assess what you may need. However, from what I can see in the photos, you will likely benefit from a breast augmentation with a lift. The implant will replace the volume/size you will lose after you stop breastfeeding and the "lift" will raise the position of your nipple and tighten your breast skin. It is a procedure I often perform as part of a "mommy makeover." I recommend seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon before making any decisions. Best of luck. 

Karl Schwarz, MD
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I suspect tuberous breasts. Will a lift help the shape?

Yes, you would benefit from a lift to treat your tuberous breasts at the time of breast augmentation, at least going by what your breasts look like now at 7 months pregnant. Your breasts may change to some degree after pregnancy with or without nursing. The characteristics of tuberous breast that you have are a short distance from nipple to crease (or a constricted lower pole of the breast) with nipples placed at the bottom of the breast. With augmentation alone, your nipples would appear even more down-pointing. Most surgeons would want you to wait 4-6 months after you stop nursing before having your breast surgery.

Robert M. Grenley, MD
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A tubular or constricted breast can sometimes be treated by breast augmentation alone.

There are number of options for treatment. Breast augmentation with mastotomy can often times fix the appearance of a constricted breast without a formal mastopexy. This is also one clinical situation where a donut mastopexy might be part of the solution.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Breast Lift

You look to be an ideal candidate for a lift. If you want to also increase volume, then a lift with an implant would be a good solution. When you have your consultation, your surgeon should go over all of these options with you in detail. Best of luck with your pregnancy -- Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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