I Had 3 Vials of Radiesse Injected Mostly on my Cheekbone, a Bit in the Hollows of my Cheek. Is This Normal? (photo)

She made a point of tapping the bone with the needle, said it would last longer. I have not seen anyone else using this method.Now 7 weeks have past and it looks like it has dissipated and sunk. I am also experiencing discomfort when I press on the area.

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Not Enough Volume Correction with 3 Vials of Radiesse

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Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite and can be injected directly onto bone.  If you desire more volume correction, facial fat grafting should be considered.  Kenneth Hughes, MD facial fat grafting Los Angeles, CA

Radiesse is commonly injected in the deep plane for cheek augmentation

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Radiesse is a good cheek filler that can be injected in the subcutaneous fat or just above the bone, which provides a good scaffold with a natural look. While the product does last longer in the deeper plane, it can require more volume. Therefore, if a significant amount of volume replacement is needed, it may be prudent to inject product higher in the fat as opposed to over the bone. Your initial correction may have been due to swelling, which subsequently resolved. In terms of post-procedure tenderness, a benefit of a deeper plane of injection is that nerve damage is unlikely. Tenderness from inflammation of the lining of the bone is possible and is temporary. 

Ramona Behshad, MD
Saint Louis Dermatologic Surgeon

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