Vi Peel Vs. TCA Peel - Which is Better?

Which is better or more recommended - the Vi peel or the TCA peel? Why? What is the diference? prices?

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Vi peel vs TCA Peel---apples and oranges

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These are both great peels. In fact, the Vi peel includes TCA as one of its ingredients.  There is no way to tell you without photos which peel might be best for you. See a plastic surgeon who does a lot of both peels.

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Vi peel vs. TCA peel

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Completely differing types of peeling agents. I would recommend seeing a peeling doctor who does both of these peels to determine what is best for you.


Which peel is best

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There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to peels and skin care. So, without a picture and without examining your, it is impossible to tell you which peel is best for you. Either peel may be helpful and you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Good luck.

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